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    Re: Robinson a bust

    I thought that robinson helped our team a lot when Moss went uot and I fell that he was one of the most commited to the team.

    Everyone looks back at moss walking off the field but the image that stuck in my head was of Marcus Robinson going up there and catching that pass despete the fact that there as no chance of winning. He showed me that he can be a good player in the NFl and that he may have a starting sopt by the end of this season. He is the red zone threat we lost in Randy Moss with his huge size. You can chuck it up there and he will get it 95% of the time.

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    Re: Robinson a bust

    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    I thought that robinson helped our team a lot when Moss went uot and I fell that he was one of the most commited to the team.
    Are you kidding me? This guy had 13 catches for less than 200 yards and just 1 TD in the 5 games versus Tennessee, New York (Giants) Indy, Green Bay and Detroit that Moss was out for. I don't consider that helping us out when Moss was out.
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    Re: Robinson a bust?

    The guy had a sore hamstring that severely limited his production. That's why his numbers dipped at the end of the season. He played through his injury hurt and it was evident because every time in the red zone he tried to jump for a ball he didn't have it in him. When he was healthy he raked in the Td's in the red zone. I expect a solid season from him this year and he is definately not a bust. He will be a key piece to our passing game unless he gets hurt.

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    Re: Robinson a bust?

    BUST BUST BUST! Robinson was a former starter brought in to step up and torch the secondary with Moss constantly double teamed. The fact that Burleson overshadowed him shows that Robinson is just another overrated backup, whereas Burleson is an underrated starter =)

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    Re: Robinson a bust?

    I knew Robinson would be overpaid will a 9 mil contract, but he was very good AT TIMES last year. A little too inconsistent for my liking but he made some good plays too. I would not want him as a #1 receiver either, most likely not a #3. It will be interesting to see how our depth chart at WR is at the start of the season.

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    Re: Robinson a bust

    "muchluv4smoot" wrote:
    "Vikes" wrote:
    I think Robinson was just injured too much!

    He was hurt last year? He played in every game.
    I thought he had a nagging hamstring injury last year.

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    Re: Robinson a bust?

    He did play in every game.

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    Re: Robinson a bust

    "muchluv4smoot" wrote:
    "PurplePackerEater" wrote:
    "magicci" wrote:
    ok since Robinson was all hyped to be the answer at number two last year and the way he panned out is he considered a bust?
    For the incredible year Daunte had throwing, and Robinson's potential(6'3" and ups), I feel he was a bust.

    He wasn't bad, but I just don't think that he's ever played to the potential he could. :sad:

    Robinson has always been inconsistent though. We knew that when we got him. Daunte spreads the ball around and for what robinson did last year, it is hard to say he was a bust IMO. With moss, burleson, and wiggins, as well as all our RB catches, robinson did good to get what he did.
    Why would you quote me? Isn't that, basicaly, what I said?

    To break it down, he's always been a bust. Yes.

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    Re: Robinson a bust

    "ajefx" wrote:
    "Del Rio" wrote:
    So what he dropped a pass.
    He promptly caught the game winner moments later.
    yes, I said that what's your point?
    My point is if you judge him off that alone you are missing something. How many passess did loveryboy Moss drop? So FKN what he dropped one pass. Get over it.

    He had a very solid year considering he missed a big portion of the offseason due to injury. Injuries he didn't get over all the way. And he played on a team that if the QB didn't make a huge effort to get one guy the ball every other down he turned into a baby and began to jog as he pissed and moaned.

    Besides how could this be a bust??
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    | 2004 min | 16 | 47 657 14.0 8 |
    | TOTAL | 82 | 265 3803 14.4 34

    If you knew football you knew what you were gonna get with M.Rob and we got one of his best years in recent memory. This guy wasn't a Moss in a prior life. This must be a case of people being spoiled. People who have watched C.Carter and Moss for too long and expecting every reciever to come in and produce like they can.

    Can't wait till next year and hear what people are gonna be saying about Travis.

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    Re: Robinson a bust?

    not a bust.. he wasnt expected to do that well.. remember Burleson wasnt much before the season started.. and they were compeating for the second spot.. really he had great stats for a 3rd string WR..

    What does everyone think Travis Taylor will do this year? I think 1 G!

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