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    Re: Road to the playoffs

    I am not sure if we are gonna make it to playoffs but I am sure that NO Team wants to face us in the playoffs.

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    Re: Road to the playoffs

    "midgensa" wrote:
    If you look at the schedules out there, the Bucs Falcons and Giants could stumble to 9-7 realistically and give us a shot at getting in as the No. 5 if we get to 10-6.
    This is definitely a true statement. I was thinking about that earlier today.

    We just need to wory about ourselves and let the others faulter.

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    Re: Road to the playoffs

    "michaelmazid" wrote:
    I am not sure if we are gonna make it to playoffs but I am sure that NO Team wants to face us in the playoffs.
    You know I am stoked and all, but I think just about any team would want to face us over some of the other choices ... I know we are getting it done, but we don't have anything that scares anyone that is for sure, definitely on the offensive side.
    It will be interesting to see what this defense does the rest of the way. They could be a top 15 or so D by the end of the year and that would be amazing after their start.

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    Re: Road to the playoffs

    I agree mnjamie. We need to worrie about Detroit right now. If we can't keep our winning streak alive, it really makes no difference what the other teams do.
    A TRUE fan will always have faith, no matter what the odds. U GOTTA BELIEVE!!!

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    Re: Road to the playoffs

    "Vikez4Lyfe" wrote:
    Giants play Cowboys next week.. So one of them will get a lose!
    hopefully the g-men. the one team we have the tie breaker over. if they lose (yes they lost today!) they will be tied with us. and since mr. sharper mr moore. mr. edinger and mr. koren robinson whooped the giants 2 weeks ago, we will have won over them!

    now just one m ore to go.

    well. i shouldn't write off that dallas has the win.

    should be a great game.

    but we just gotta focus on the lions.

    Go vikes!!

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    Playoff Picture

    With 5 games to go here is the playoff picture

    1. Seahawks 9-2 -- West Division champ
    2. Bears 8-3 -- North Division Champ
    3. Panthers 8-3 -- South Divison champ
    4. Cowboys 7-4 -- East Division champ
    5. Giants 7-4 -- Wild Card
    6. Bucs 7-4 -- Wild Card
    7. Falcons 7-4
    8. VIKINGS 6-5
    9. Redskins 5-6
    10. Rams 5-6
    11. Eagles 5-6

    There are two ways for the Vikings to get in.

    Win division
    Right now we are 2 games back, but still play the bears for the final game of the year. the tie breaker first is head to head (making the final game almost a must win), division record, and then common opponents.

    If we beat the bears, forcing a tie, we would both have 1 divison loss. this makes the lions game important. If we end up tied, but we beat the lions, while the bears lose one of the two packer games we win the division.

    If the bears and the vikings tie in division records it goes to common opponents which are: lions (x2), bengals, browns, baltimore, saint, panthers, bucs, packers (x2), steelers, falcons. for a toltal of 12 games. so far the bears are 6-2, but with road games in green bay, and pittsberg, and home to face atlanta. the vikings are 5-4 with remaining games against detroit, pitts, and the ravens. I think we would have to be atleast 7-5 in these games, but 8-4 would be much much better.

    Wild Card--
    The wild card route is much more complicated. We are going to assume the seahawks and the bears win thier respected divisions, and the redskins, rams, and eagles fall out of the race. then that leaves the east, and south

    Cowboys 7-4; @NYG, KC, @Wash, @CAR, Stl.
    Giants 7-4; DAL, @PHI, KC, @WAS, @OAK

    Panthers 8-3; ATL, TAM, @NO, DAL, @ATL
    Bucs 7-4; @NO, @CAR, @NE, ATL, NO
    Falcons 7-4; @CAR, NO, @CHI, @TAM, CAR

    for the east, the vikings want the cowboys to win the division, because we have the tie breaker over the giants (because we beat them), but not against the cowboys (now they have a 1.5 game lead in conference record). So we want them to beat the giants next week, and win the division, which is possible with games against the redskins and rams. Assuming the giants lose to the cowboys (which they already did), they would already have 5 losses with road games in phil, wash, and oak. but thier toughest game may be home against the chiefs. If they go 3-1, they end up 10-6, and a possible tie with the vikings. (but we have the tie breaker). it is also possible that the giants beat the cowboys, but then fall apart, or the cowboys catch fire, ending up with the cowboys winning the division and the giants finish the year 10-6, but this is unlikely.

    for the south, all of these teams have the tie breaker over us, because they each beat us. Our only real chance would be for one team to get beaten up by the other two teams, which is possible, because each team plays the others. the team to most likely fall out is atlanta. but each team can. the panthers have tough games against atl twice, tampa, and the cowboys. Hopefully, they will beat the falcons twice, but lose to the cowboys (helping them win the division). this will finish them with 11 or 12 wins. Tampa bay has the easiest remaining games, facing the saints twice. Hopefully they will beat atlanta. If they do they will finish with 10-12 wins. then to the falcons. Hopefully they will lose to the panthers twice, and then the bucs, but beat the saints and the bears (giving us a chance at the divison). this would give them 9 wins on the year.

    to recap, this is what the vikings are hopeing for:

    1. seahawks-- lot of wins
    2. bears-- lot of wins
    3. panthers-- 12-4 or 11-5 (loses to cowboys and maybe falcons)
    4. cowboys-- 10-6 atleast(must win against giants, then only needs to finish 2-2)
    5. bucs-- 10-6 atleast (must beat atl, and probably beat saints twice)
    6. VIKINGS-- 10-6
    7. Gaints-- 10-6 (must lose to cowboys, then finish the year 3-1)
    8. Falcons-- 9-7 (losses to panthers (x2) and bucs)

    Wether we want to win the division or the wild card, will must get to 10 wins. to accomplish this we must beat the lions, rams, ravens, then either the steelers or the bears.

    the playoffs are possible, but we need alot of things to fall into place...
    Make love to the present, fuck the past
    --Sage Francis

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    Re: Playoff Picture

    my head hurts now thanks :lol:

    Thanks Josdin

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    Re: Playoff Picture

    That is one of the most complicated things I've ever read...

    Yet, the latter of the two routes I wouldn't mind, because we're all 0-0 in the beginnng of the play offs.

    My dad always says, "All we can do is win.".. So that's all we need to do.
    i m better than you, so just give up...

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    Re: Road to the playoffs

    Just win, baby.

    Go Vikings!

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    Re: Road to the playoffs

    "vikesfargo" wrote:
    Just win, baby.
    Well put,

    We'll worry about the whole detailed stuff when were inside 3 games left

    Thank you Josdin for the sig

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