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Thread: Road games

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    Road games

    that's because they ARE sad. oh, better not say that. we'll have saints fan on here crying because we're talking smack. since our new friend gmen came along, though, i now CAN NOT WAIT to completely destroy those pathetic 4-12, wish they had an offense, can't remember what city they play for so they gotta put it on their helmets,buncha quiters.
    "ted nugent called. he wants his shirt back."-george clooney, ocean s eleven

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    Road games

    Moss + Owens = A Kick@ss Game!

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    Road games

    I'm lookin' forward to the Eagles game . . . I've got a lot of Philly friends here in LA, and I'd love to rub an away victory (and a cheese steak) in their faces!!
    "Veni, Vidi, Vikings!"--Julius Caesar

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