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    Rivalry Losing Some Steam??

    this is too easy.... hate Barnett and Walker. Barnett makes one tackle and you think he saved the world. Then you got Walker, what a show boating pile of steaming $hit. The guys does so much dancing Michael Jackson is jealous, oh and by the way this is one good year for a guy who was supposed to be like Moss and he only has about 75 TD's to go to catch up to Randy. The one thing that comes to mind when I think of Walker..OVERRATED Yea yea 12 TD's, but Moss had 13 in 5 less games, and Moss would have easily had more yards if it wasnt for an injury. So thats my explanation for who to hate. If Kung fu boy Barnett and Walker the Moss wannabe would stop dancing so much, well I would still hate them. I cant wait to see Smoot lay out Walker, it will be a good feeling drinking to that!!

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    Rivalry Losing Some Steam??

    Nevermind . . .

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    Re: Rivalry Losing Some Steam??

    "LosAngelis" wrote:
    Just a thought as a Packer fan:

    You guys have traded away one of the greatest Packer-killers of all time, and to be honest, the target of many happy Packer fans after a win, or on any occasion.

    You are on the verge of cutting your trailer-park white-trash Chris Hovan, whose homoerotic fascination with Brett Favre placed him on many Packer dartboards.

    And now, your resident neanderthal, Mike Tice, looks like he's about to ride Dino off into the sunset.

    Now, I make these cuts in a congenial way. These folks were a primary source of hatred from Packer fans. We hated Moss with a passion. We were infuriated with Hovan. We couldn't stand Tice.

    My point is...who do we hate now? It's kind of like when Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman retired from Dallas and Deion left. Hate Emmitt Smith? Kind of hard to do. Grrrr, that Larry Allen....doesn't have the same ring....

    We can sort of hate Daunte, but most of you know I've always liked him.

    Michael Bennett? Can't hate on a Badger.

    Winfield? Udeze? Smoot? Well, none of them have done anything above and beyond the playing field....yet.

    Now, let's look at the other side.

    Brett Favre, our resident pill-popping hillbilly, might be calling it quits. You guys have been preparing your cheer for this day ever since I've been on this board.

    Sharper (I mean, "Sharpier") is gone. Mckenzie's gone. Guys who built up the rivalry on our side have been long gone: Holmgren, White, Chmura, Butler,etc.

    Who do you guys hate? Sherman, I suppose. Ahman Green? Nice guy. Donald Driver? Inspirational guy. KGB? Barnett? Bubba?

    Don't get me wrong. I will hate the Vikings as much as you guys hate the Packers. It's habit and we love it.

    It's just hard when you don't have the "targets" to direct it at anymore. This happened with the Bears 15 years ago, too...McMahon, Fridge, all those guys you just couldn't stand and wanted to see your team beat the crap out of....who can you hate on the Bears today?

    Here is to Winfield holding and Daunte whining. Here is to Walker dancing on your logo and Flanagan making a "legal" chop block on a Viking.


    I mean, shees! We gotta have people to hate on the other side! THAT'S the best part of the tradition!!!!
    WTF, Holding? You want to talk about holding lets talk about your great and almighty amhad carroll who holds and still gets burned. Can you say NATE "The Great" BURELSON!

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    Rivalry Losing Some Steam??

    I think the guy to hate on the packers is davenpoop because of what he did. Next comes to mind could be walker or drivers since they have been playing us the most.

    You guys could hate culpepper and bash him for his fumbles which at this moment are non-existant. You still could go for bennett even if he is a badger nonetheless.
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    Rivalry Losing Some Steam??

    The rivalry comes from the two teams that are winners. That is why the Bears rivalry has died down. And there never has been a Lions Rivalry. Now that the Packers suck and will never win again I assume it is dead. And that we will now have to begin a rivalry with the Lions.

    The base of the Rivalry is founded on competition and wins. The hatred for a few players is just icing on the cake.

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    Rivalry Losing Some Steam??

    los you seem like a pretty cool guy for a packer fan! the best games are the rival ones, it wouldn't be the same without them. Favre is the guy we love to hate wich is what will make it sad when he goes.

    I respect the guy as a player, but I hope he has a terrible game everytime he takes the field. I hope he sticks around for a couple of more years.

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    Rivalry Losing Some Steam??

    Agreed jiggyjack, as for players to hate the only one I can think of is Al Harris, other than that I don't really have anybody I don't like anymore. (I always hated Darren SHarper with a passion and now he's gone, which I suppose is good.)
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    Rivalry Losing Some Steam??

    Just for Los we'll see if we can get Darius onto the team, sure that will suffice for the packer backers on game day.

    Fair points about it dying down with certain players going, apart from Favre there aren't really any players on either side that would rile up the opposing fans. Course that might all change the first meeting between the teams in the regular season..
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Rivalry Losing Some Steam??

    I hate Brett Favre so much I can't stand how the announcers talk about him. They have an orgasm every time he comes out onto the field. John Madden probably has a Brett Favre shrine in his house that he worships every Packers game.

    Brett Favre might be an OK guy but the media makes such a GOOD image out of him that it makes people want to hate him more.

    It will be a great and sad day to see brett go but i don't think that the greatest and closest rivalry in the NFL will die down at all.

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    Rivalry Losing Some Steam??

    I despise Nick Barnett because of his celebrating when he or even one of his teammates makes a tackle even though their down by 2 touches reminds me of Dwayne Rudd....but from what i hear from my friends that are packer fans they hate him too so that doenst really do anyhting for the rivalry
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