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Thread: Rio's take

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    Re: Rio's take

    I can flow with the koom by ya aspect of the 10k post (or how ever you spell it).
    But I stand by my policy of not responding to posts by those who don't at least have jr high diploma.
    That stuff last week almost drove me away. One guy posted 16 times in one thread and said two things" bench Brad and Childress sucks".
    I got the point the first time!

    I guess I'm a little cranky this am as I am also serving my mandatory 4 hours work today like Z .

    Good post Del and happy holidays.

    Childress summed up this season before the season actually started.

    " It all starts up front "

    Unfortunately you can't buy your way to heaven!
    “What takes a quarterback to the next level is not arm strength or mobility or any of that stuff. It’s the ability to play on critical downs. Manage third downs, or red zones or four-minute or two-minute situations"

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    Re: Rio's take

    Del, I always enjoy your posts.
    Congrats on the 10K.
    I will say that in general, I usually agree with your take on things.
    I am, however, one of those posters who thought that a QB change (BB, not the rookie) might spark the team, and lead to a little more offensive production.
    After the home loss to the Jets, with our playoff hopes pretty much dead, I don't think anyone could logically dispute Chilldress' decision to start TJ.
    I am not a "Brad Hater", but I was glad to see him sitting last night.
    I don't think that even the "Favre-u-lous" one,though,
    could have performed any better with the support (or lack there of) that our QB got in that game.
    Tarvaris played well enough to win, if he had just a little support from a couple more of his team mates (attention WRs).
    As you said, football is indeed the ultimate team sport, and we've got major work to do this off season.
    I, like most of you, have seen waaaay too many juvenile "Childress, Brad or whoever Sucks" posts.
    Personally, I will continue to be optimistic, and support my team through these rough times.
    Better times are coming...they can't get any worse than that miserable poop pie we were treated to last night.
    I really don't think this team is that far from being a contender.

    In Chilldress We Trust...I guess

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    Re: Rio's take

    Great post Del.

    The whole TJ vs. Brad thing has been divisive all year, and it has split the purple community right in half. It's a shame that it happened, but after last night it should be clear that the quarterback was never the issue.

    The team needs help. They need personnel help, and they need coaching help. I, like you, have very little doubt that Childress will change some things this offseason. Any coach that goes 6-10 and doesn't change SOMETHING is a fool and likely a mental midget.

    Things will get better!

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    Re: Rio's take

    Good post Del and worth keeping for the 10,000th. Spot on with the assesssment and its true that any QB would struggle in the current set-up that we have. It will be interesting to see what the off-season brings for us.
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Re: Rio's take

    Good post Del, and I agree. I could not have said it better myself. TJ needs time to develope from someone with experience. BUT the rest of the team needs help also by the looks of it.

    Those of you who my scroll in my sig.
    [move]"Our day WILL come!! I just hope I LIVE long enough to see it!"[/move]

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    Re: Rio's take

    congratz again on the 10 grand, and thanks for your wisdom and insight.

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    Re: Rio's take

    The thing that I am thankful for is that Ziggy is not going to just sit on his ass. He will make things happen & get the right people. This being Childress' 1st year and all, he now knows what to expect & what to change. Hopefully Greenway will be back & prove to be a force. He's dying to get on the field. We have some good things going, like run D, Chester, the left side of our line....heck Leber & Winfield are studs. We will get better, and get the right pieces in line. One thing at a time. Could be worse......we could be Raiders or Lions fans

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    Re: Rio's take

    Great post Del, as always!

    You hit the nail right on the head.
    Something about Brad sucks and TJ does not?

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    Re: Rio's take

    I mentioned earlier in the month that when T-Jack took the field he did not possess magical dust that when he sprinkled it on the field & all of a sudden the players would start playing better & the penalties would disappear.

    It fell on deaf ears. Unfortunately it had to happen against the Packers at Lambeau to prove that the underlying problems are many & a QB alone can't change that & for some to realize that fact.

    I found it humourous & yet annoying that some still praised Jackson & said he had a good game, yet they chastised Brad & said he sucked during our 30-20 win over the Lions, despite the fact we won & Brad had better stats.

    Hopefully, we are all on the same plane as Vikings fans now and realize many problem areas need to be addressed on both sides of the ball & througout the coaching staff.

    I don't know what the offseason will bring in the line of F/A signings & drafts other than the immediate need for a wide receiver, but I'm waiting in anticipation.

    With the huge money signings of McKinnie, Henderson & Williams taking place this season, I'm not sure what cap numbers the Vikings have to work with.

    What will it take to get our players to execute the plays the way they should be executed? That is the big question. Having big name players & talent on this team doesn't mean squat if they can't execute the plays as a team & continue to provide us with costly penalties.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Rio's take

    "Del" wrote:
    Well I saved my 10,000 for this. I avoided responding to personal attacks, I avoided jumping on people for posting from the neather regions of their jiggly butt and I actually got some work done this week.

    For three months a handful of people have been trying to convince everyone that the Offense needs a lot of work and that changing the QB is not going to fix anything. I endured fallacies about where Brad places the ball, how hard he throws the ball, how he can't move, how he is washed up. Then I watch the guy that alot of people want to hang their hat on do even worse then Brad did.

    And you know what it isn't really his fault just like it wasn't Brads fault. Only now we agree not because you choose to watch the game as a whole but because you have to find a way to protect your investment in TJ. And that is why it is poopy and that is why many teenagers on this site have ignored me for questioning the logic. Now when they have a motive to accept the truth they do.

    I have read all morning from these people, if we had WR's if we had a better tackle, less penalties................yes if we had all those Brad would have been fine as well, but what has been kicking around for the last couple months apparently only applies to Tarvaris. I was told he is mobile and would avoid the big sack I watched his jiggly butt eat turf all night. By who? A defensive end.

    A week or so again there was a thread about eating crow and Tarvaris. Where is that crow? Where are those people who were trying to serve it? This issue is a smaller version of this whole site. Don't get butt hurt when someone calls you out on something especially when you're pulling it straight from your jiggly butt.

    I am definately not someone who makes the rules around here nor would I want to be, but I would suggest and hope that we can all let this pooh die. Our team needs help, I don't want to see words like brad lover, or Tjack fanboi (which I have used myself) Brad should be obvious to everyone now that this team as a whole needs some work. Now obviously you do not need to take my advice and if you don't it is no big deal. It is the holidays, our favorite football team needs to regroup and hopefully they can rally around TJ and improve in the offseason.

    He is a rookie, but this situation he is in with our WR core and our swiss cheese pass blocking is not fair. It wasn't fair to Brad and it wont be fair to TJ. I suggested you will see more of the same regardless of who is in there and we did and you add a rookie into the mix and you saw worse.

    It is the greatest team sport in the entire world IMO. Every single person has a job to do and if even one person doesn't do it to perfection then things go down hill fast. No QB in the NFL could succeed on this team right now IMO. You could put Manning back there and he would look like a scrub. I'm rooting for TJ and I have very little doubt Brad Childress will address our needs in the offseason and regroup.

    Everyone keep your chins up, we knew it would be a rough go in the offseason and then we won a few and got excited, it has been finger pointing and fights ever since then. Lets take a break from that myself included and just try to gear up for a better offseason.
    I can see that you had some heat that needed to be let off now that you have put a restain on yourself to get to the 10.000 mark on this one.

    Nevertheless it were - as allways from you - a good post, and the quote I highlighted I'll take along with me. Lets all keep our chins up, and watch the team rebuild into a championship team.

    Congratulations on the big 10K, I'll be looking forward to reading the next 10K from you.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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