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Thread: Rio's take

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    Del Rio Guest

    Rio's take

    Well I saved my 10,000 for this. I avoided responding to personal attacks, I avoided jumping on people for posting from the neather regions of their ass and I actually got some work done this week.

    For three months a handful of people have been trying to convince everyone that the Offense needs a lot of work and that changing the QB is not going to fix anything. I endured fallacies about where Brad places the ball, how hard he throws the ball, how he can't move, how he is washed up. Then I watch the guy that alot of people want to hang their hat on do even worse then Brad did.

    And you know what it isn't really his fault just like it wasn't Brads fault. Only now we agree not because you choose to watch the game as a whole but because you have to find a way to protect your investment in TJ. And that is why it is horseshit and that is why many teenagers on this site have ignored me for questioning the logic. Now when they have a motive to accept the truth they do.

    I have read all morning from these people, if we had WR's if we had a better tackle, less penalties................yes if we had all those Brad would have been fine as well, but what has been kicking around for the last couple months apparently only applies to Tarvaris. I was told he is mobile and would avoid the big sack I watched his ass eat turf all night. By who? A defensive end.

    A week or so again there was a thread about eating crow and Tarvaris. Where is that crow? Where are those people who were trying to serve it? This issue is a smaller version of this whole site. Don't get butt hurt when someone calls you out on something especially when you're pulling it straight from your ass.

    I am definately not someone who makes the rules around here nor would I want to be, but I would suggest and hope that we can all let this shit die. Our team needs help, I don't want to see words like brad lover, or Tjack fanboi (which I have used myself) Brad should be obvious to everyone now that this team as a whole needs some work. Now obviously you do not need to take my advice and if you don't it is no big deal. It is the holidays, our favorite football team needs to regroup and hopefully they can rally around TJ and improve in the offseason.

    He is a rookie, but this situation he is in with our WR core and our swiss cheese pass blocking is not fair. It wasn't fair to Brad and it wont be fair to TJ. I suggested you will see more of the same regardless of who is in there and we did and you add a rookie into the mix and you saw worse.

    It is the greatest team sport in the entire world IMO. Every single person has a job to do and if even one person doesn't do it to perfection then things go down hill fast. No QB in the NFL could succeed on this team right now IMO. You could put Manning back there and he would look like a scrub. I'm rooting for TJ and I have very little doubt Brad Childress will address our needs in the offseason and regroup.

    Everyone keep your chins up, we knew it would be a rough go in the offseason and then we won a few and got excited, it has been finger pointing and fights ever since then. Lets take a break from that myself included and just try to gear up for a better offseason.

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    Re: Rio's take

    I am ok with a rookie doing worse than a seasoned veteran.

    EDIT: As long as he learns from the experience. We will see what he can develop in to.

    I agree with you Del. Its time to stop bickerring, and time to start looking ahead.

    Lets have a crazy freakin party to end the season next week, and then look towards 2007 with some hope.

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    Re: Rio's take

    "Del" wrote:
    Well I saved my 10,000 for this.
    Way to make a splash with a significant number.

    Can't wait to hoist a beer with you next Sunday!


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Re: Rio's take

    I Agree Rio , We do Need alot of help. I hope we get it in the offseason, I hate feeling like this! I hate losing, Especially to the Pack or anybody, but I agree that we need to get some help and come out strong next year! Happy 10000 man

    Thanks PPE for the Sig

    Fighting on the Internet is like competing in the Special Olympics, even if you win, you are still mentally challenged!

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    Re: Rio's take

    Good post Del.
    And I'm impressed... you had a lot of ammo to come in firing back at the "eat crow" thread, yet you held back.
    I figure you must have got some after the game last night to be in this good of a mood this morning.

    To psudo-quote something I said on another thread, I also think that a lot of people just got swept up in the "bench brad" movement and began to make TJ into something he wasn't.
    The fact is that he is still a rookie QB from a small school, and replacing our veteran QB with him wasn't going to magically solve our problems, despite what some other posters may have come to believe.
    Last night proved that.

    Now we need to do exactly what you said.
    We need to rally around TJ, and hope that our offensive issues are addressed in the offseason.
    I have high hopes for that kid.

    And... only 409 days until the Vikings are in the Superbowl in Arizona...
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: Rio's take

    The off the cuff emotional responses that have no basis in reality are laughable.
    What's even funnier, or even sad, depending on how you look at it, are the responses mired with opinion that are pulled out of thin air and used as fact.
    Some of the folks that are famous for this are not even worth responding to, because if you formulate a rebuttal to their posts they don't even read it and either don't respond or selectively read parts of the post.

    I am thankful there are some reasonable posters on here that are able to use their brains.
    It has been a tough season, but I have enjoyed it.
    I don't buy into the doom and gloom scenarios for a multitude of reasons that I do not want to get into at this time because, frankly, some of the fun has been lost in the process.

    I'll just kick back and enjoy the rest of the NFL season and go back into the hills for a few months after that.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Rio's take

    You know it del!
    Childress will address the needs,

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    Re: Rio's take

    Congratulations on the 10k Del. Thanks for using it to make that good post. Football IS the greatest team sport in the world. Players must invest a lot of emotion into it,and so do we fans. Your post should bring a lot of us back in off the ledge,I know it did that for me Enjoy the holidays and have fun at the Rams game.

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    Re: Rio's take

    Good post Del!

    Yes to the multitude of problems and teamwork comments.

    I think a lot of the pro TJ issues were out of the need for HOPE which falls right into Xmas.

    "SnoBumMN" wrote:
    I am ok with a rookie doing worse than a seasoned veteran.

    EDIT: As long as he learns from the experience. We will see what he can develop in to.

    I agree with you Del. Its time to stop bickerring, and time to start looking ahead.

    Lets have a crazy freakin party to end the season next week, and then look towards 2007 with some hope.
    I have to agree with Sno here.
    I will take my lumps with TJ as long as he learns, even though it hasn't been stellar (maybe it has Ben Stiller), I have been impressed with the poise under that pressure.

    There is no TJ in TEAM, oops there is a T, which symbolizes that he is part of the team. LOL!

    There is no TJ in Saviour, that one works.

    Happy 10,000th!

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    Re: Rio's take

    This team may not be very good right now but I see a team that reminds me of the late 90's Bucs!
    Great D one or two players away from having a dominate D, vanilla offense and decent running game.
    So I have great hopes for this team.
    Two players on D that would be essential for a dominate force would be a shut down corner and an End that can bring pressure.
    Pressure would solve alot of the ills in the secondary.
    The O we need a few more players but even with our pathetic O we have some players.
    We really need an athletic TE it would take pressure off of the line.
    Seam passes would loosen up the safteies and we could run even more effectively.
    It would also make the LBs have to pay attention to the pass as well as the run.
    A legitimate #1 WR.
    Having a #1 would also take the safety away from the LOS and give the line more room to maneuver. RG & RT - teams would not be able to load up on our dominate left side and have to guess more.
    That is always an advantage, Del as a lineman you know if the person you block hesitates for one second you have a distinct advantage.
    Lastly, I know you guys all love TJ but we need a QB (maybe Schaub) that has experience and can lead the team while TJ becomes acclimated with the speed of the NFL!

    If we get those types of players and they become more comfortable in our offense we will have a great shot at the SB.
    Hopefully they will follow in the Bucs footsteps and win it in a couple of years.

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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