"vikesoto" wrote:
Cris Carter was put in a couple years ago.If the ROH is reserved only for the "elite",what's Bill Brown doing there? The ROH is a great way for "any" team to honor who they feel deserving of recognition for service to the team,elite or not.It's not the NFL's HOF.Robert Smith is a perfect example. Did he have a HOF career? No,but he did retire the Viking's all time leading rusher. Isn't that worth paying tribute to?? He rushed for more yards than Chuck Foreman(who many say is the team's best RB ever) and Bill Brown,who's in. We as Viking fans,I think, don't really get how lucky we are to see our team as a consistent winner.All the "elite" players do not come from just the 1970"s.All the players mentioned are "WORTHY" of being recognized,and it would NOT take away from any current ROH inductees!
I do not know how to answer you but when these guys were put in the ring I am sure they all had good reasons to be there. Just because another player is not there does not take away from their accomplishments.

Like I said, we cannot have a ton of players in there...would be less elite.