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    Ricky Williams: way too big a deal?

    yeah he should have at least done it at the end of last season or waited till the end of the upcomin season.
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    Ricky Williams: way too big a deal?

    personally I think it is being blown up. The timing is what is to be questioned. What does everyone think makes more sense.
    Ricky Williams retires a week before camp and just up and leaves his team hanging. This after he was one of the more vocal players in mini camp about how everyone needs to work hard and stay focused this season.
    OR After being busted for his second failed drug test and certainly facing being suspended for the first portion of the year. He wanted to save face somewhat and get out with the reputation of a Pro-bowl running back, rather than a pot head.
    I may be way out of line but the idea he just now decided he wanted to retire a week before camp does not fly. Why not do it after mini-camp or in the off season, at least give the team a chance to replace you.

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