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    Ricky Williams may not be retiring after all!

    If the nfl doesnt do something about t his retiring and unretiring in a year, a player like moss for example could pull the same thing to us IF he didnt like the way things were going on here, drug problems, etc.

    We could be screwed, as well as any other team out there with an athlete that is hard to please, ie terrel owens.

    That would be funny if owens did that to the eagles though incase he wasnt happy being in philly. But impose some kind of rule where you cant come back until like 3-5 years later or something. The league got to do something before athletes with long contracts retire and then go to a place/team they desire.
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    Ricky Williams may not be retiring after all!

    Guys, the league will be waiting for ricky to unretire, with a suspension. He can't get off without a suspension by retiring for a year and coming back. He failed his 3rd drug test, when he was still an NFL player, thus a suspension will come. So if he does come back with the raiders, he will have to sit out at least the first 4 games. I would love to see a miami/raiders game if he did come back after this year!

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    Ricky Williams may not be retiring after all!

    When Barry Sander retired, there were always rumors of him coming back for various teams, usually started by the hopeful fans of those teams. However, the articles always mentioned that the Lions would have to trade him or release him because they still held his rights. I think that lasted for the legnth of the contract he was under when he retired, but don't quote me on that. In any case, there are rules in place that keep a guy from sitting out a year, and then becoming a free agent, so, unless this was the last year of Ricky's contract, Oakland would have to give up some compensation in order to sign Williams next year.

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    Ricky Williams may not be retiring after all!

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking josdin. Isn't Ricky still going to be property of the Dolphins? I don't know, but that seems logical to me. Otherwise I think we would see unhappy players retire and unretire all the time!! (even though they have to sit out a year)

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    Ricky Williams may not be retiring after all!

    Man i would be so mad if I was the Dolphins and he was able to do this without compensation to them. More than likely there is some rule regarding this.

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