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Thread: Rick Spielman

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    Rick Spielman

    Rick Spielman makes me nervous.
    There are some questionable moves, they happen on any team, but his legacy in Miami appears to be tainted.
    I was reading a June 2, 2006 article about him and the author broke down his positives and negatives while working for the Dophins.


    *Yes, he made the A.J. Feeley trade and that was a debacle. That trade was still affecting Miami this offseason because Feeley wasn't even good enough to be Miami's backup. So the Dolphins had to invest a sixth-, and potentially a fifth-round pick, on Joey Harrington to be the backup.

    *Spielman also traded away a 2004 fourth round pick to Minnesota to move up one spot and pick Vernon Carey, which was a move of desperation and inexperience. Moreover, he picked Carey ahead of University of Miami nose tackle Vince Wolfork, who was rated higher on the Miami draft board, an example of picking for need rather than talent.

    *He also got snuckered on the Lamar Gordon trade, which was also born of desperation because the Dolphins didn't have a running back on the roster good enough to start when Ricky Williams went AWOL before the season.

    *He picked Tony Bua in the fifth round. Bua, a better at partier than professional football player, was too slow to play safety and too small to play linebacker. That seemed OK because he was picked to be a special teams wizard. He supposedly reminded Spielman of Larry Izzo. Except Izzo was a Pro Bowl special teams performer and he didn't cost Miami a draft pick, having been signed as an undrafted free agent.

    *He signed Reggie Howard and paid him like a starter

    The positives:

    *He drafted Rex Hadnot, who is a starter.

    *He signed Jeno James, who is a starter.

    *He resisted the tempation to re-sign Todd Wade, who has become something of a bust in Houston.

    *He picked Derrick Pope in the seventh round, which was a good pick.

    *Finally, and perhaps most controversially, he made the Adawale Ogunleye trade. In hindsight,, this trade has been OK for the Dolphins. Yes, they gave up a young dominant defensive end and those are extremely difficult to come by. Ogunleye led the Bears with 10 sacks last season.

    But the Dolphins got serviceable starter Marty Booker in the deal plus a draft pick that turned out to be Channing Crowder. So would you take Booker and Crowder over Ogunleye? It's probably a push right now, but you should also consider that the trade allowed the Dolphins to shift part of their salary cap funding toward the offense, where it was lacking, and away from the defense, which is where Dave Wannstedt and Jimmy Johnson had it so unevenly for such a long time.

    The trade also separated Ogunleye from Jason Taylor, who at times in 2003 seemed to have a strained relationship.
    This is the most fairly balanced article I ran across, most only concentrate on the negatives.
    He appears to have a history for overpaying unproven talent, although I haven't seen that yet with the Vikings.

    Am I being paranoid?
    I just see him as the weakest link in the Vikings front office right now.

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    Re: Rick Spielman

    and to make it even worse, he was supposedly tring to bring AJ feeley here.
    Does he not learn from his mistakes.

    The way I see it Childress will be making the personnel decisions and Spielman will be the face of the franchise. (bit of a pretty boy, has relationship w/ ESPN, very "convincing" speaker)

    Time will tell

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    Re: Rick Spielman

    That sort of worries me in the sense if he's fully in charge picking people in the draft...then yeah, but I think Studwell is and Childress might have a say in it before they take someone.

    I think half of those moves Dave Wannstedt had no control over.

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