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I don't think anyone is saying you solely blame Childress, but to blame him at all is a bit critical. What could Childress possibly have done differently? Sitting a high-profile guy like that on the bench simply would not have flown.
High profile my butt.
He had barely seen any time his rookie year, and had only 24 catches.
It was generally accepted that he went too high in the draft.
I expect a head coach to base his decision on whether or not to start a WR on more than his draft selection - especially when the playuer was drafted under a previous regime.

I would have rather gone into the season with Taylor at #1 and M Rob at #2.
Leave TWill at #3 where the pressure to perform isn't there.
And before people start to say that there is no real #1 in the WCO - I know.
But the 3rd and 4th WRs don't line up every down like the #1 and #2.
Instead, TWill is thrust into the starting role, and from game 1 he struggles.
Eventually he is pulled from the starting spot that he never should have had to begin with, but his confidence is already shattered.

Would he still have been a bust?
But he would have had a better chance, IMHO, if he wasn't starting his second year.
Troy Williamson was high profile, drafted to replace a legend, Troy had elite NFL Speed that could make him one of the best WR's in NFL. Troy was definitly needed and expected to be an impact player in his second year, no doubt. I was exited to get him on the field full time as I had seen brilliance in his early play with Daunte. I would say that Troy has good hands but has mental lapses preventing him from displaying those good hands all the time. He made some great grabs for us and did so in college.

Using Troy as a #3 would be a mistake IMO, Troy had the type of speed that was very difficult to defend, infact I cannot recall a time when a defender was able to cover Troy, he consistently got open and did the right things but failed to make the clutch plays. Granted he should not have been drafted that high he had the potential of a first round draft pick. He was expected to perform and he let the Viking nation down. No ifs ands or buts, Williamson was responsible for his play and didn't live up to expectations. Its nobobies fault but HIS. Childress did his best to help the kid and that didn't even work, putting any blame on anyone but Troy is a mistake.
Troy was never drafted to replace Moss.
The first mistake is thinking that.
There was/is no rookie who could replace Moss.
Just like Rodgers in GB won't be replacing Fav-re.
If you expect him to, then you are only setting him up for failure.

I also don't think that it would have been a mistake for him to be the #3 receiver in any way.
That doesn't mean that he has to line up in the slot - it means that he is only on the field where there is a three WR set.
Let him continue to learn the game, especially now that the playbook is 100% different than the one he just struggled to learn under Tice.

Again, I put the majority of blame on TWill, but I think that Childress made several personnel mistakes in his first couple years as a head coach - and that was one of them.
I don't think it is out of line to think that that mistake contributed to TWill's demise, although I acknowledge that I don't think anything could have prevented it.
Chilly got him in his second year.
Do you think Rice is ready now?
Rice had a more productive 1st season that TWill had the entire 3 years he was in MN.
Also, Rice was picked in the 2nd round.
I think there's a better comparison.
The whole first two rounds of that draft was a mistake.
If the Vikings FO would have listened to me, they would have Derrick Johnson, Matt Jones and Marcus McNeill.
Granted, they aren't all three surefire HOFers, but together they are still better than Williamson, Erasmus and Cook.
[/quote]Yes, but then we likely would have picked DeAngelo Williams the year after that so we wouldn't have picked AD this year.