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    can someone give me some insight on how everyone has been doing i would really appriciate it

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    Re: Rice,Allison,Jackson,Others

    from what i've seen so far from Rice he seems like he'll be a good talented once he gets used to the team, looked to be a solid reciever from the routes i saw him run

    i haven't paid enough attention to allison yet.. even tho i think he'll be the real talent a few years down the road.

    jackson has been playing well for the most part imo, he did have a couple underthrown passes friday but nothing to worry about yet..

    idk thats just what i've seen

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    Re: Rice,Allison,Jackson,Others

    Go look in this forum Daviz.
    Lots of stuff in there.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Rice,Allison,Jackson,Others

    We have converted a forum for this purpose.

    Look around, you'd be surprised what you will find.

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