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    Re: RF365: 3 Reasons the Vikings Won't Win

    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    I actually don't disagree with any of his reasons.
    We have deficiencies in OT, little depth outside WR, and Childress has not shown the ability to make decent half time adjustments.
    I do think that we are much improved over last year, and I expect us to make the playoffs, but not the super bowl this season.

    (I am pulling for a superbowl birth in the 2010 season.
    I really want to see the new Cowboys stadium... ;D)
    The three basic premises, 1-lousey tackles on offense, 2-lack of depth, and 3-poor coaching, certainly
    have historical significance.

    1- I think a line that was the top rush blocking line in the NFL may suggest the tackles aren't totally crap.
    McKinnie isn't likely to improve much. But he's fairly solid most of the time.
    And Cook is is showing the improvement over the time frame it usually takes for an O-lineman to develop. 3 years.
    He is definately improving.

    2- Depth is a concern. When you rebuild like this team has, depth takes awhile. When you have tough cuts to make in traning camp, you have achieved depth.
    This year we just began having a couple tough cuts. Next year it will be more.
    When you spend a ton on playmakers, depth suffers, and draft choices all take time to develop.Including AP who needs to block better.
    Griffin has had a very good pre-season. And I don't think Madieu will be missed as much as people think.

    3- Coaching will magically improve as execution improves. I'm not satisfied with the gametime adjustments. But I do see some improvement.

    In addition, this writers concluding paragraph is all based on the past. eg.

    Childress' self-proclaimed "kick-ass" offense has been anything but and a defense with loads of talent can't seem to stop the pass whether the opposing quarterback is Brett Favre or Kyle Boller. Steadfast in the belief his way is the right way, when something goes wrong Childress is incapable of tweaking his system for anyone or anything.

    Still think the Vikings are a playoff team?

    end quote

    You damn right I do asshat!

    “What takes a quarterback to the next level is not arm strength or mobility or any of that stuff. It’s the ability to play on critical downs. Manage third downs, or red zones or four-minute or two-minute situations"

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    Re: RF365: 3 Reasons the Vikings Won't Win

    Need I mention at this point that we run a west coast offense, and that really means that our O-line doesn't have to sustain their blocks long, at least not on passing plays ? You don't need maulers in the W.C. offense, you do need guys who can execute complex blocks. The W.C. offense does change things, for instance:

    a. QB throws quickly and doesn't hold the ball long
    b. Receivers must be good route runners
    c. RBs used as receivers (I don't see much of this)

    I think that when people say our O-line is not up to it, they forget we run the W.C.

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