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    Remaining Schedule

    I was looking at the remaining opponets for Minnesota, and I'm gonna say it does not look good. Coming up Tampa Bay, as well as Jaguars, Bears again, Cardinals, Falcons, Giants. Its going to be tough, but if we can get through it and make the playoffs, we should have a shot after surviving the rest of our season.

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    Re: Remaining Schedule

    I think all those are winnable, to be honest. The Jaguars are mediocre at best. Did you see that Cardinals game last night ? That is one undisciplined defense. how many flags did they get from jumping offsides ? Don't you think Jarred Allen can get to Kurt Warner ? I do !! The Bears are very beatable. The Falcons are young and we can beat them. The Giants are very good but we get them at home, no ?

    I see us winning lots of those games, unless our QB continues to do dumb stuff and we keep giving up punt return TDs and dumb crap like that. Our defense will keep us in a lot of games, and then we just need AP to break one off late like vs. the Slackers.

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    Re: Remaining Schedule

    I know you are new, but take the time to look around the site.

    We have a lot of topics of interest.

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