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    Relax my brethren!

    It's gonna be real tough to bounce back without Rosey, Jimmy, Wiggins, and all our running backs either injured or to high to play. As long as Culpepper stays healthy we'll have a chance in every single game, but Without any TEs, in a two TE offense, we're gonna have a rough time getting stuff done.
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    Relax my brethren!

    Personally I think the Vikes did a good job on Mon. night. For everything that went wrong they didn't get blown out. Yeah the ref's sucked but thats normal in any sport. If a couple of the calls go the Vikes way they win and the Iggles are complaining instead.

    The D looked ok, not great but they are young and continuing to gel, with the type of attack that they faced I'm pretty confident that they will be able to hold their own this year.

    Injuries are a factor for all teams, this year it just seems like the Vikes are made of glass. True Champions work through the injuries and still find a way to win. Hopefully picking up a couple players and giving some of the backups time to play will only make the depth better.

    The offense sputtered big time and that is a concern. They need to learn to play on the road. There is no reason a high octane offense like the vikes should have had to kick that many field goals.

    Hopefully they get back on track against the bears.
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