Obviously some calls have went our way the last couple of games, but it is what it is. That is gonna happen for you and against you sometimes.
I know most disagree, but I personally thought the Johnson ball was a fumble. Thought so in full speed and, even though the announcers disagreed, thought so in slow-mo. Hell, at worst I thought it should be no catch. I could be wrong ... and I understand those who disagree, but I did think they got that one right.
Now for the PI ... there is no question that should not have been called. Technically, by the way the rule is written ... that was not incidental contact and you can argue it should be PI, but I definitely thought it was a bad call and should not have been made.
None of this changes the fact that I am going to take it. The holding call on Wade was ridiculous as well. Calls go against and go for. I will take it.
By the way I fully admit ... our team pretty much sucked the whole game.