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    Really, a shock?.......

    At the beginning of the year, I thought this team MIGHT be able to reach 11-5 or 10-6. This rested on one BIG condition------this team could NOT afford any significant injuries. I don't think I need to list them. Hence, the 8-8 record does not shock me.

    I agree with Howie Long's assessment of the Viking's organization------poor. In fact, he stated that if Tice should get fired, and Linehan offered the position, he would advise Linehan to move on and wipe his hands clean.

    The state of Minnesota needs to accept the facts------the team needs a new owner (I prefer G. Taylor) and if you don't want to swim in mediocrity for years to come, build a new stadium. As a long Vikings fan, it pains me to say the future has an awful lot of question marks.

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    Really, a shock?.......

    While this team obviously has a lot of holes still to be filled, I don't know where you equate the "need" for a new owner (debatable) with its' failures on the field. McCombs ponied up the money for Winfield and Kleinsasser, as well as Moss and Culpepper earlier. They've avoided holdouts by their 1st round draft picks as well.

    I too feel that some injuries this season were significant, but overall the players who did take the field just didn't execute or perform up to standards, particularly on defense behind the front four. How much of these problems are attributable to coaching, scouting and ownership/management are debatable.

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    Really, a shock?.......

    Maybe I am wrong here, but I thought I read where the WHOLE staff has been stripped down to the bare essentials? Isn't this the lowest paid coaching staff? Haven't the front office's been stripped, along with scouting? Sure, I will give McCombs credit for the Moss and Culpepper-----and I believe that was at a time McCombs did NOT have the Vikings on the selling block. But, I also think he has done just enough (lately) to keep fan interest bubbling. And I would be very surprised if it gets any better. Winfield? Nice sign, but, he can't do it alone.

    Once the injury bug hit, either youth or the talent level (or combination of both) hurt them. And, unfortunately, they may have laid an egg on the linebacker situation. It happened when they least could afford it.

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