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I'm guessing he is talking about Chris Carter. Not Randy Moss.
Not by the definition in MY dictionary...Randy Moss was the best receiver that we ever had...Cris was great, but he didn't have the skillz that Randy has...Cris was a VERY close #2, though.

Randy will catch all of CC's numbers within 4-5 seasons (4 seasons ahead of when CC retired: 12 vs. 16)

NO disrespect meant towards CC...he is a HOF'er in my book...Randy was and still is just better.
Yeah I was talkin about C.C. Now, Randy Moss is a great wide reciever, but when it's all said and done, when Moss retires, he will not be ahead of C.C. as the best WR the VIKINGS have had, for one thing he probably won't retire a Viking, and alot of his numbers may be with another team. Whereas Carter got the majority of his numbers with the Vikes. As far as the NFL as a whole, Randy may end up surpassing Carter's numbers if he stays healthy and keeps playin, but he won't do it as a Viking. That's just my take on it anyway. No disrespect towards Randy either. :grin:
I don't think Randy will ever come back to the Vikes.