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Thread: a real question

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    Re: a real question

    i am a wr im playing at usf next year im 6'3" 220 and love to go accross the middle i have great hands but not the best speed other wise id play d so i could hit
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    Re: a real question

    I would want to play DE and rush the edge and sack Favre for just one play like Rudy and I would do it just for the love of the game.
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    Re: a real question

    Just put me as one of the guys that goes head first into the wedge on kick offs. I'm only 5'11" 185, but I would sacrafice every pound on every play. I'd also play just to feed the kids and pay the bills.

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    Re: a real question

    Id play a pass rushing OLB or a 6'2 about a 4.7

    and id play for the league minimum

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    Re: a real question

    6'0" 210 QB. Would play for free just to play with Nate again... we go way back.

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