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    Read what Was said about Daunte without Randy in UCF

    What They're Saying About Daunte Culpepper

    "This guy can play football like Eric Clapton plays the guitar."
    -- Nicholas J. Cotsonika, Detroit Free Press

    "Daunte Culpepper is the biggest thing to hit Central Florida since central air conditioning."
    -- Andrew Bagnato, Chicago Tribune

    "University of Central Florida’s All-Everything quarterback Daunte Culpepper is faster than his wide recievers, stronger than his offensive lineman and more popular in Orlando than Mickey Mouse."
    -- Jason Swancey, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

    "We’ve seen a lot of highly touted guys play against good teams, and something surrenders in them. Not Daunte. He competes."
    -- Tim Ruskel, Tampa Bay Buccaneers director of college scouting

    "I haven’t seen anyone better than Culpepper."
    -- Bobby Bowden, Florida State Head Coach

    "There’s nothing he can’t do."
    -- Jerry Angelo, Tampa Bay Buccaneers director of player personnel

    "He’ll be the best player to play here since John Elway, when I played against him in 1981."
    -- Brock Spack, former Purdue Linebacker and current Purdue Defensive Coordinator

    "Daunte Culpepper may not be a household name yet, but it’s safe to say he has pulled into America’s driveway."
    -- Chris Dufresne, Los Angeles Times.

    "If Daunte would have turned pro instead of coming back, they (University of Miami) probably would have played us. But they never called us back."
    -- Mike Kruczek, UCF Head Coach.

    "I saw him play against Auburn when we had an off week. He kept them in the ballgame for 2 1/2 quarters all by himself."
    -- Bobby Bowden, Florida State Head Coach.

    "He put Central Florida on the college football map by doing something Peyton Manning could not- throwing for 318 yards and keeping his team in the game against Nebraska in a 38-24 loss last season."
    -- Pat Dooley, The Gainesville Sun.

    "People may not know about Culpepper now, but the whole world will find out about him, because he’ll be making big noise on Sundays."
    -- Tom Osborne, Former Nebraska Head Coach.

    "I just saw this kid named Daunte Culpepper. He’s from the University of Central Florida, and he’s the best passer I’ve seen in I can’t remember how long, except for maybe Dan Marino. I grabbed my wife and said, ‘Watch this kid’s footwork. Look at him throw."
    -- Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Namath.

    "He (Culpepper) jumps out at you. (Other quarterback prospects are) not even close to him."
    -- Tom Brantz, Miami Dolphins Scouting Director

    "Daunte Culpepper is easily the top-rated college prospect for next year's NFL draft."
    -- Gordon Forbes, USA Today

    "I think the best football player is Daunte Culpepper. He almost single-handedly beat Nebraska (in 1997). He's a great athlete and a great competitor."
    -- Lou Holtz, CBS Analyst and former Notre Dame Head Coach

    "The 6-4, 238-pound senior is flat-out the best quarterback in America, end of discussion."
    -- Michael Bradley, Blitz Magazine

    "Culpepper is as good as anybody. He's big, strong and can run. When he ran, it made things difficult. He throws the ball as well as anybody I've seen."
    -- Jackie Sherrill, Mississippi State Head Coach

    "He is the marquee guy this year. He's got the strength. He's got the size. Personally, I think that he's got some innate competitive qualities that all good quarterbacks have. I mean, he almost single-handedly beat Nebraska last year."
    -- John Dorsey, Green Bay Packers College Scouting Director

    "Forget the small-school tag, Central Florida's Daunte Culpepper is the best QB in the country."
    -- The Sporting News

    "I think if Culpepper was at Florida or Florida State, you'd be sick of hearing about him because he would be all over the national media."
    -- Mike Huguenin, The Sporting News

    "America's Next Superstar."
    -- Bob Griese's College Football

    "I've played with some great ones. Terry Bradshaw, Kenny Anderson, Kenny Stabler...Daunte is as good if not better than all of them."
    -- UCF Head Coach Mike Kruczek

    "I've been around football a long time and Daunte's the greatest athlete I've ever seen. But in addition to that he's the hardest worker I've ever seen."
    -- Phillip Yancey, Head Coach, Vanguard High School, Ocala, FL (Daunte's High School Coach)

    "There's an element to Culpepper that sets him apart from some of the other candidates. He's not just another quarterback or running back from a Top 10 program, so he's going to get attention that way. People realize Daunte could be playing anywhere. He was a well-known commodity. From the day he set foot on UCF's campus, we knew about him."
    -- Chris Fowler, ESPN College Football Analyst on Culpepper's chances of winning the Heisman

    "He's one of the best quarterbacks in the country. You're not going to find many quarterbacks that have the combination of size, speed and the accuracy he has with his arm."
    -- Grant Wistrom , Nebraska All-American Rush End, 1997

    "People say that he's the total package -- believe it -- he's a great quarterback."
    -- Martavious Houston, Auburn Cornerback, 1997

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    Re: Read what Was said about Daunte without Randy in UCF

    Well at least he's getting props somewhere.

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    Re: Read what Was said about Daunte without Randy in UCF

    Now, if only he'd live up to the expectations. :wink:

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    Re: Read what Was said about Daunte without Randy in UCF

    Thanks hit stick....every single daunte hater only comes out when he was a bad game...but will be right on his jock when he puts up the numbers like we REAL true fans know he can...without "moss"

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
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    Re: Read what Was said about Daunte without Randy in UCF

    I really dont understand this post. I can find quotes just like that on Maurice Clarett. (Mario Manningham)

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    Re: Read what Was said about Daunte without Randy in UCF

    "fred3105" wrote:
    I really dont understand this post. I can find quotes just like that on Maurice Clarett.
    Yeah, it reminds me of politics.

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    Re: Read what Was said about Daunte without Randy in UCF

    I still think that DC is real. He is in a funk. That much crap changes on you, that much chaos, it takes some time to get use to.

    Preseason plays were scripted, practiced, and executed. Real time regular season games, the coaches are flustered, the system has changed from game to game even. The line isn't blocking that well. The linemen are being interchanged. The center is being interchanged. The RB is different from game to game. Oh and by the way, the D's are coming after DC on everyother play full force cause they know we aren't picking up the blitz and blocking assignments.

    You try it.

    Name me one other QB that has had those problems so far.

    Get that stuff even half way figured out and DC will be fine again.

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    Re: Read what Was said about Daunte without Randy in UCF

    Daunte will be fine he is just having a lot of things going wrong around him right now.

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    Re: Read what Was said about Daunte without Randy in UCF

    I still believe daunte is as good as what everyone said before he turned pro. If only our o-line played better, had a better coach with some brains, a seasoned offensive coordinatoor, and without that knee injury would he still be living up to expectations from last year.

    Preseason he looked like t he mvp from last year so ya, i agree that hes in some funk and ready to get back to the 04 form. If only his injury would heal better, thats the biggest problem so far since he hasnt been throwing with poise lately if you watched some of his throws.
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    Re: Read what Was said about Daunte without Randy in UCF

    You know everyday now I see most of you just ripping on
    Daunte when you know it is just a collective situation. It is Football; a team sport. Yet we always want to pin it on one guy......... Why? Because it is easy to do, instead of really trying to figure out what is wrong.....( Like imagining yourself back there )........Saw & met again, Randall Cunningham at the Airport recently ( Also been to where he preaches on Sundays: yes a Church ) He says he still watches Football especially the Vikings because they gave him a chance when he wasn't even thinking about football. The point he was making was the fans across the country who love the Vikings should never turn their back on a guy like Daunte Culpepper! The guy is so talented, so gifted, so into football. He also stated he has never seen worse offensive line play since he has been involved with football. I said since UNLV? He said since football.....My point is; here is a guy removed from the whole ordeal; yet tell's it like it is. He said listen you Viking fans need to pay attention to the real deal of what is really going on up there it ain't Daunte you need to worry about!....... He said, but then again you know how it is...........I didn't understand that part but I think he meant the media or....well something that I've seen my friends go through, and I know exsist, but I don't know, just commenting on what the man told me and yes I have talked to him more than a couple of times. The guy wasn't angry, wasn't bitter, sounding cool and understanding of what Daunte was going through. Mentioning the 99 season he said he went through it himself up there. He said he really loved the fans......He felt Minnesota Fans were just as passionate as Philly fans......Even more so in 98.........He feels the position of QB is over scrutinized......Bottom line it just goes along with my general point. Stop it! Until we get an offensive line shut up about Daunte Sucks!!!!!!! I mean do we really know what we are saying! One of my best friends plays for the Chargers ( Stated Culpepper is the best QB talent he has ever seen and that we will never ever see somebody, that big, that strong, that fast an able bodied throwing passes like that again, just won't happen. He can't believe how the fans up there have bailed on Daunte ( Daunte ain't worth it ) It's just a terrible situation for him and the fans who really don't know football. I just wish we could get an offensive scheme for once and a head coach who can make adjustments on the fly.......For Vikings Fans, who are now the New Boston Red Sox-Chicago Cubs......I think we deserve it......Look I know I'm nothing much here, just a voice from a Vegas perspective, but I travel a lot and it is amazing what I here about Daunte and how much Minnesota fans just turn on him. To me it is just rediculous...No Linehan, No Birk, No Moss, yet all we do is piss on the guy it is just terrible.....The guy just wants to win and he isn't going anywhere...So when the coaching change is made just remember it was Daunte's fault.

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