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    Re: Winflied vs. Steve Smith - Good or Bad?

    Good points also, they will need Win, helping out with the Running game, doesnt need to be stuck on the other Wides like he would with Smith, get what im saying, but also Driver wasnt a good match up for winfleld becuz of the size advantage he had. Smith and winfleid match up more better.

    I Honestly dont think smoot is fast enuff to handle smith, but thats just my opinion and i hope i em certainly wrong and if he can handle Smith, i believe he might just be one of the best cover corners, just becuz he can cover WR's that are Tall, small, fast, and strong.

    go Smoot and Winfeild

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    Re: Winflied vs. Steve Smith - Good or Bad?

    Put smoot on Steve Smith man on man. Smoot is better in coverage, especially man coverage. Get Winfield to cover Keary Colbert or whoever their #2 WR is.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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