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Thread: RB Situation

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    Re: RB Situation

    Fason's achilles heel is his inability to pass block. Otherwise I'd bet we'd have seen him by now. I sure hope that can be taught cause I really like him. He hit's the line hard & fast & doesn't go down on the 1st hit easily.

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    Re: RB Situation

    I think if you count the offseason, this is round 1, 226. And we should have this doubled in two weeks at the rate its going.

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    Re: RB Situation

    Larry Johnson would be great but the Chiefs will want too much for him because Priest is gettin old. Willie Parker had a good game but can he be consistent??? Shaun Alexander has been pretty good over the years but he may be losing a step. The best RB we have is MOORE but he has the injury bugg.

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    Re: RB Situation

    Jim Brown couldn't have run behind our pathetic O-Line!! ops:

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    Re: RB Situation

    "waynesworld" wrote:
    Jim Brown couldn't have run behind our pathetic O-Line!! ops:
    Jim Brown didn't need a good line. :cry:

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    Re: RB Situation

    yeha ricky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we should get him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: RB Situation

    Well the thing is...Rickey would be good behind our line BECUASE...our line as of right now sucks, we need a work horse who is used to pounding the ball for those touff yards. Not a track superstar turned RB.

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