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Thread: RB core ratings

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    RB core ratings

    "purplehorn" wrote:
    "ricky38" wrote:
    Character and hard work does translate into wins. GO VIKINGS!!!

    Did you mean character, hard work and Vicodin?
    Yeah Farve did have a problem but he overcame it just like your 2 favorite son receivers overcame their problems with drugs and alcohol. Moss and Carter. GO PACKERS!!!!!

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    RB core ratings

    When was the last time any of your receivers bought a 10,000 dollar computer to help him read defensive schemes and to be able to study other players (on both sides of the ball to make him better)? Moss hasn't been in trouble with the law for a while and he is becoming a great leader on our team. He now leads by doing such as attending mini camps, working hard in the off season and helping the young guys. Granted he has a troubled past, but he is starting to outgrow those problems and he is turing into one of the best character guys on our team. You can have your Drivers, Fergusons, and Walkers, we'll keep the best receiver in the NFL!!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    RB core ratings

    The RB list does look a little suspect but not as much as the QB list. The carolina panters are number four? Wow, that ruins the list right there. I mean how do you put the Vikings with Cpepp and Ferotte behind Jake Delhomme(who had a good year but is no Cpepp) and Rodney Pete? Are you serious... That's just stupid! I think that the Eagles are too high too.
    God Bless America, & the MINNESOTA VIKINGS!!!

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