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actually i think he has 1.5 on the season now.
He does have 1.5 sacks. (110th)

K-Will & JA are tied for 8th with 7

Joey Porter is in 1st with 11.5
Sacks are not the measure of a man.......... :

Ray can play like he did yesterday and I will be ecstatic.
Dude was everywere.
His ability to get up in the air and bat that one down alleviated what was sure to be a big gain early in the game.
My problem is, that was 9 weeks into the season and it was basically the first time Ray even showed up for a game.
The previous 7 games I couldn't even tell you if he dressed or not.
He's getting 1 on 1 coverage all day long on that side and you aren't even seeing QB hurries out of him, he's been flat out stonewalled over there.
Hopefully Udeze provides a nice increase in productivity next year.
Has anyone seen anything on his recovery?
I hear ya, however, as I've pointed out repeatedly......

I know it is pooooooh poooooohed away on here by almost all of you but like it or not their are actually differences in who can play at that position.

He is a RDE trying to play LDE.
Because of that (and a poohie jiggly butt rotation by our D-coord) he has been beat up a bit.

Seems he is a bit healthier now and there was a nice rotation which kept him fresh yesterday.
Those two things will help him out as the year goes on, however, I still don't envision him being a sack monster over there for the same reason I didn't hack on Keneche when he played out of position a couple years ago and wasn't a sack monster either.

IMO, i don't agree it's his size... I think it had more to do with him not being in camp and being a little banged up earlier in the year... In addition to the lack of a rotation on the D-Line...

Marr, you keep ignoring the point that you made which was that he would get beat up against the run on that side... which is not happening.. you never said that his size had anything to do with the pass rush.. you were concerned about the run...

Now, we're still holding par at around 70 yds per game which is about where we've always been... pass rush is better... So i don't agree and still think your analysis of him on that side with regards to size is wrong... I think you'd have a better argument saying he moved from left to right so his technique had to be relearned and it's different coming from either side... that would make more sense than arguing about his size trying to pass rush...

besides, he's never been considered a pure pass rusher anyway.... arguably, that's not even his job...
Problem is my friend he has been beat up playing the run.
Lets not forget why he missed time early.
It wasn't because he was holding out or anything.
Truth be told, he has been dinged most of the year which has negated is overall effectiveness.

Again, I am not holding anything against him.
I think he is doing an admirable job playing out of position, just as Keneche did 2 years ago.

As to your point about being a pure pass rusher, I agree, however, he did have some success on the Right side and will be productive again (with respect to sacks) when he moves back to that side as a backup/rotation guy when Keneche comes back.

By the way, watch our yards per game go down when that cat is healthy and on the field again.

it probably will... but i'm not sure i buy the out of position thing... look at the giants... they use Tuck on the outside and inside... along with Kiwanuka they switched him from LB to DE when Osi got hurt.... and let's not forget how light in the pants strahan was on that side...

i think it is more about his transition to that side versus how much he weighs... if we keep him fresh he will be even more productive... and he was out because of a back injury... its football i highly doubt that had anything to do with being on one side versus the other...

there are only 5 guys on the LOS, and maybe a TE or two... if they double JA and one of the Williams' that leaves Ray in 1 on 1's for the entire if not the majority of the game.. putting him against a smaller and less talented RT versus the better blocker on the left side....

but hey we can agree to disagree on this point!!...