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    Ray Edwards on Pro Football Central

    He was on the show last night...I make appearances reviewing the Vikings ocassionally on this station.

    "This past Wednesday night we had a huge two hour special for you all to preview the upcoming games heading into week one. We had live on the show from Erik Boland on to talk about the Jets. One of our featured guests was the starting defensive end from the Minnesota Vikings Ray Edwards was on live. We also had live on the show the starting defensive tackle of the Atlanta Falcons Grady Jackson on as well as the starting linebacker for the Houston Texans who also did a little rapping on the show Morlon Greenwood. We also had team reports from several of our affiliates who broke down several of there games as well."

    Get audio here:

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    Re: Ray Edwards on Pro Football Central

    Ray certainly isn't backing down from his goals and I like it. Ray has an opportunity to have a really good season and I think its gonna happen. In the preseason I had a hard time decideing wether Ray or Jared was getting off the ball quicker.

    If Ray can use fundamentals and stay healthy I think is a double digit sacker on our team.

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    Re: Ray Edwards on Pro Football Central

    I really am excited about what Ray can do for this team this season. I was happy to have him on one side even WITHOUT Jared Allen on the other side, so I am uber-thrilled to see Edwards on a side when they can NEVER afford to double-team him.
    This line is going to be even more dominant than people think ... and Ray Edwards is one of the reasons why.

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    Re: Ray Edwards on Pro Football Central

    Man, I can't wait till the season starts. Opposing QBs beware, cause your going down in the worst way!!! GO VIKES!!!

    ALL DAY!!!

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