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    Raw Brutality, and Brett Favre’s Class

    Sage Rosenfels reflects on Brett Favre, Saints-Vikings NFC Championship | The MMQB with Peter King

    By Sage Rosenfels

    I wrote this piece in January 2010, in the few days that followed the NFC Championship Game between the Vikings, where I was the backup quarterback, and the Saints. You may think this game is special for its place in the Saints’ bounty controversy, but to me it’s special for an entirely different reason: In all my experiences in professional football, it best encompasses the true soul of what the NFL is. For my own sanity, I wanted to express my thoughts on the game and take you inside what happened before, during and after it.
    Interesting article from the backup QB's perspective. His admiration of Favre almost matches that of Marrdro.

    Sage's take:
    Everyone had a sense the game would come down to the wire. And it lived up to that, reminding me of a classic heavyweight fight that went back and forth. Every play felt like a fourth down. Brett was playing unbelievably well while taking lots of shots, legal and illegal. He kept our team together, moving the offense up and down the field while making very few mistakes. Still, the raw physical brutality was unprecedented in anything I had seen in my nine-year career. There had been rumors during the week that the Saintsʼ plan was to take Brett out of the game, and the hits started to wear on him mentally and physically. By the fourth quarter he had a badly swollen left wrist, a deep scratch on his forehead, ribs that were in pain whenever he took a breath and a badly sprained ankle which could easily have been broken.
    Favre's take:
    “I choked.”
    Nice recap of the events that took place in that game from someone close to it.

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    Raw Brutality, and Brett Favre’s Class

    Favre is god. Childress ruined the only chance we had at a trophy in my lifetime.

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    The Saints had many illegal hits. Bounty or no, the refs just let that go, and doing so was as detrimental to the game of professional football as any drug ever was.


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