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    Rape Charges Dismissed Against Former Viking Ted Brown

    [size=13pt]Rape Charges Dismissed Against Former Viking[/size]

    May 1, 2009 11:32 pm US/Central

    On Wednesday, a judge dismissed the charges against Ted Brown saying he didn't get a speedy trial.

    Heather Brown (WCCO)

    It's been five and 1/2 years since former Vikings running back Ted Brown was charged with rape. He was at the Arctic Blast, a Vikings event held at Lake Mille Lacs.

    It was February 2003. Brown admitted to having sex with a woman he met that night at a hotel. He said it was consensual. She told police two days later it wasn't.....

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    Re: Rape Charges Dismissed Against Former Viking Ted Brown

    Wow this is crazy.

    My Dad use to hangout with this guy back in the day.
    (When I lived in Minny)

    We have a signed football from all the Vikes when he played last.

    The crazy thing about it was I about 14 or 15. We went over his house and he had this old school Massive Big Screen.
    (Mid-80's big screen).

    Anyway it was just me and my dad...Long story short this guy had a HUGE PORN collection.

    There is more but it's not cool it seems he has changed.

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