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Thread: ranking our WRs

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    ranking our WRs

    Today we signed another decent receiver in Dez White, where do you rank our receiving corps?

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    Re: ranking our WRs

    why isnt there an option for lower than half the teams in the NFL? I would have picked the middle anyways but it should at least be an option!

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    Re: ranking our WRs

    middle of the pack.

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    Re: ranking our WRs

    Need more options.

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    Re: ranking our WRs

    As far as depth goes, we have 15 WR's on the roster right now; I'd say it's hard to beat that kind of depth. Quality depth? Well, that's another story.
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    Re: ranking our WRs

    i like dez white i think he has potential. nice little pick up

    i would say we are ok at wr could have worse could have alot better
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    Re: ranking our WRs

    I really think that if you take an avg of all the talent say 5 wr's deep per team we would come out higher then just avrg. and with B.j tossin the bawl around i like those odds.


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