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Vikes could be a better Team with a 9-7 record...or, 8-8, or, 10-6. Sounds absurd, but...I think they will be a better Team. Results could vary. Oh, and, I'm not suggesting a defeatist mentality, or, accepting mediocrity. Nor, am I desperate. The Vikes are on a path...for long-term success, and, I, for one, think the FO is doing a good job building, per, the Wilf's stated desire.

Re: NFC North Teams, the QBs are definitely a part of the story, and, without Ponder playing like he did down the stretch last year, AD, special teams and the defense need to be stellar. As of now, Ponder is a distant #4 to the QBs in the Division. In fact, he may never be anything more than #4 vs the Division QBs...they happen to be pretty good. That said, if he makes significant improvement, this Team can be very good. If not, our Vikes will be second, third, or, God forbid, 4th.

But, I think he will progress this year. Assuming he does, then, I look at the rosters of the Teams in the Division, and the Head Coaches for the immediate future. Best Coach...hate to say it, but, he resides in Green Bay. The Bears made a mistake IMO, Trestman is a great coordinator, but, I don't see him pulling the right strings in Chicago to maximize that Roster. Thus, it comes down to Frazier vs. Schwartz for second in the Division.

My money is on Frazier. Better coach, higher standards, better vet leaders (Allen, Williams, Greenway, Sullivan, Peterson), and, sorry, Tradition (Detroit sucks).

Chicago, to me, is more of a threat than Detroit. Simply because of the aforementioned...higher standards, and, Detroit sucks. That said, if Ponder improves dramatically (yes, a big if), the Vikes will compete for the Division. If his improvement is limited, as most people think, the Vikes need another big time performance from AD, a huge positive Turnover ratio, and alotta luck.

Personally, I think Ponder will improve marginally, and, the Vikes will go 9-7.
I agree and I think we will have to play on the road which means a short stint in the playoffs. If we manage a 10-6 record I think we can get a home game and a win in the playoffs. But I don't think we will go far this year. I think next year (2014-2015) when we have three great draft classes we will see them fighting for a super bowl ring. Then we will have about a four year window to win one.