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Thread: Rank the NFL

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    Rank the NFL

    two newbie pack fans, learn from some of the elder pack fans, there are certain ways to come in and ways not to, you all under the not category as of right now. Make honest points, yes we will be more loud, it is our site, so take it or go to your own forums, but if you are on now, stay on into the season, even if your team is sucking ok. If you only come in if you guys win a big game, you really have no right to talk on this forum. I have NEVER gone to a pack forum, nor would i, but if i did i would make honest comments, not just "you suck"
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    Rank the NFL

    "QueenRandy" wrote:
    We'll just wait for the season to start and watch the Queens choke again.
    Uh, excuse me, which team's quarterback coughed up that fly ball in the Philadelphia game?
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    Rank the NFL

    go_pack...I think you are in denial because you know Favre is getting damn old and that last year was his last shot. Pack wont make the playoffs this year, and eventually you will become last in the division. Vikings = Awesome and on the rise, Bears = OK team and on the rise, Detriot = Crappy last year but on the rise, and the Fudgepackers were mediocre last year and are going down the crapper - fast.

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    Rank the NFL

    I guess we'll see how well those packers do this year, because since "they didn't need to get anybody in FA" they should be awesome again. Let us remind you that you weren't in first place until the LAST play of the Vikings season, and it took the third stringers of Denver to lose to you guys. Don't tell us there is no need for improvement, the SB champs needed improvement (Dillon). How can you go and say that the slackers don't need improvements? It's fine with me though, I guess it'll be just that much easier to trounce all over you like the little bi*@hes that you are!

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    Rank the NFL

    "go_pack88" wrote:
    So keep making fun of them, keep calling them Fudgpackers, keep making your photoshoped Packer-bashing pictures, and keep this little site going .

    Sounds like a good idea :lol:
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