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    Randy Moss should be fined and publically held accountable.

    "JohnnyBlood92" wrote:
    Thats a pretty dumb comparison. What star QB allows himself to be interviewed after every single devastating loss? Brett has never ever sold the rest of his team out on the field! Do you think he'd ever take plays off or say he "plays when I wanna play"? The only negative thing that you guys can say about his was his pain killer addiction. Which, by the way, was because of severe pain he had from having 2 1/2 feet of intestines removed. I could bring up a lot worse things Moss has done.. like beating up his girlfriend. The guy is talented, but a scumbag!
    Don't forget that Favre left a game at the dome with 30 some seconds left and headed for the locker room!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Moss--A bright star, but not brilliant

    Let me just put my 2 cents in...I find JohnnyBlood92 to be a very well spoken, albeit biased, poster. He makes some very good points and I have found myself agreeing with him more than once. I am a died-in-the-wool Vikings fan, and always will be, but I don't let that keep me from seeing the whole picture. I have been disappointed with Moss all year. I keep hearing this 'new team leader attitude' that he has taken. Well, leaving your teammates on the field because you are moping is not leadership. He has more God-given talent than any receiver to ever play the game, and because of this I don't quite think he understands the whole 'work ethic' idea. If he were to ever take football seriously, I would be seriously scared to see what type of numbers he would put up. Actions speak louder than words, and I am glad to see that Birk actually called him on it. The Vikes have let this sideshow go on too long, someone needed to speak up.

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    Re: Randy Moss should be fined and publically held accountab

    "RandyMoss8404" wrote:
    He is my favorite player in the world - he is the reason why I began to watch this game.

    And what he did against Washington was unexcuseable. I was sure that the newscasters had overblown it, that Packerbaggers were using hyperbole, that someone was taking something out of context.

    Then I saw the replay.

    Moss deserted the team. Yeah, he blocked down field. Yeah, he gave his all. But when the team needed him most, he hung his head and walked away instead of shouldering it like a man. I know the loss must have heart. I know he must see his youth and vigor slipping away, squandered by a foolish coach and an unpredictable franchise. I know he must have felt he'd already done his good deed of the day by not taking Adam Goldberg's head off.

    But he turned his back on his team.

    You can't do that - I couldn't do it in high school when I finished in the top 5 in the state in receptions, receiving TDs, and yards after the catch 3 out of 4 years, only for us to lose 32 of 36 games. I couldn't walk away. And I didn't get paid a damn thing. Moss hurt me badly on Sunday - I look up to him as a player, but also as a man. He overcame adversity - he has a good heart. He has overcome and outdone everything everyone has ever said about him - "he can't play in the NFL, he can't block, etc." All of it. But not this time. This time he hung his head before a light at the end of the tunnel could be seen. I'm very dissapointed, and hope only that he'll apologize publically and take out his guilt by ravaging the Green Bay secondary.

    But that's my piece - say what you will.
    How about he is tired of giving his all and coming up short. What is Matt Birk crying about. He has cost us 2 games. The Philly game when he was called for a hold on a TD run. The Greenbay he was called for a hold on an awsome run by Bennett. So enough of this he walked off the field. I would walk off too if all my team did was collapse. Moss is going to ask for a trade real soon. I said it at the start of the year. Unless Minnesota goes deep he is like screw this. Do you know how money those guys probaly lose by not making the playoff's? I like Moss but I understand his frustration. Look at this stage of the game Minnesota probaly would not have made the playoff's anyway. The Lions game was luck we probaly would have lost that game and been done anyway. Minnesota is doing the best job they can with the talent around them. The O is struggling in the Red Zone. The D is on the field quite a lot on the games we lose. The mental mistakes jumping off sides. I think this thing about Moss walking off the field is slow news coverage!

    But as I always say WE STAY THE COURSE!

    The rigors of Spartan life. Leonidas is cast out into the wild, and survives the harsh winter to return to his home, when he is crowned King ....a Viking!


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