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    The Randy Moss Effect

    There has been speculation in the media that Josh Freeman is faking his concussion because he has found the situation in Minnesota to be wanting.

    The Frazier regime is similar to the Childress regime. Many of the coaches are the same, the scouts are the same, the front office is the same. Basically, it is an extension of the same failed way of doing things that the Vikings had been doing for several seasons.

    When Randy Moss came back to Minnesota after being traded from New England, he immediately saw how poorly the Vikings prepare for games and gameplanned during the week. He found the Vikings coaches lacking and the organization to be below grade when compared to the modern organization that he was able to observe and be a part of with the Patriots. Moss commented about it to the press, and he was released by the Vikings.

    Josh Freeman has now had an opportunity to see how things are done in Minnesota under the Wilfs, Spielman, Frazier, and Musgrave. Could he be having second thoughts? Could he be faking his injury in order to save his career from an untenable situation? Could he already be dissatisfied with the way things are done in Minnesota?

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    The Randy Moss Effect

    As a Fan I can say that I am having second thoughts so I can see where that can happen.

    Coming from a guy who just bolted the Schaino regime that would speak volumes to the extent of the dysfunction here.

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    Freeman needs to shut up and go play. Period. End of story. This might be his last chance to show he is a capable NFL qb.

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    I doubt he faked anything. He's not in the same position as Moss was. Freeman needs to play to earn as big of a payday as he can get. I think the concussion was real, and since Ponder has been playing a little better the coaching staff are just going with the "hot" hand... Kinda sad that Ponder's best games this season are still someone below average compared to most QB's around the league. I think Freeman will still get a chance. Ponder will likely get hurt or start to look worse again.
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    Freeman had a chance to "wing it" and win the starting job on pure talent, and he came up lacking. He will now only start when HE says he is ready, and he will get a couple of games to show his stuff in our system.

    Whether that pause was due to a concussion or not is not really all that important in the long run; he just better look like a starting QB the next time he steps out there, or he will be somewhere else as a back-up next year.

    It isn't just the Vikings he is auditioning for...
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    Freeman was cleared to practice right after Ponder was named the starter for the GB game & has been practicing.

    The whole "faking" the concussion like symptoms has been moot since then. That's not why he isn't starting.

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    The Randy Moss Effect

    Ah, no. Randy Moss was out of line...period. Freeman, if he's smart, will be on his best behavior, regardless of our opinion re: Viking org dysfunction.

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    Who would know better than Moss? He came from one of the best run organizations in the league to arguably one of the worst, so I think his comments are valid. And they only confirm the suspicions we already have.

    However I don't think Freeman can afford to fake any injuries at this point. If he doesn't get on the field and prove he can still be a starting QB in this league he's either not going to get another chance or his next chance is going to come at a significantly reduced salary.


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