* In a story that will likely go largely unreported or under-reported locally and around the country, Randy Moss hosted his sixth annual "Kids Appreciation Day" in Charleston, West Virginia by his hometown of Rand.
The event is a night out for children in the area that gives them a chance to meet NFL players like Moss, Rams QB Marc Bulger (who played for West Virginia University) and draftee Darrion Scott (who is from Charleston) as well as enjoying free amusement rides.
Moss spoke to Charleston Gazette reporter Nick Scala about his football career and affirmed a desire for the game that rarely gets discussed by the talking head "experts" who still dwell on the "taking plays off" rant.
"If they took the money out of football, I wonder how many guys would still be playing?" Moss asked. "I think I'd still be playing, though, for the love of the game."
What are the chances ESPN will run a five-minute story on that? Don't hold your breath.