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I was wondering about this the other day, Del, maybe you have some insight into this.
It appears to me that a veteran line that has spent some time together doesn't need as much time right before the snap to make the adjustments so there is more flexibility in managing the play clock.
With a line that is still starting to gel do you really need to get to the line of scrimmage a little faster so there is relatively more time to make calls at the line from the O-lines's perspective.
Personally, I think one of the problems on the O-line is that Hutchinson should be the field general yelling out adjustments on the line instead of Birk.
I wouldnt have a problem with that. But the center usually does it because the right guard has a hard time seeing the left tackle lol.

The right guard is questionable anyway, does it really matter if he hears anything?
Hutch said in an interview that he was doing some of that in Seattle last year.
Just an idea.
Hell, if it was up to you they would be swapping those bastards around and having a mediocre line across the board....possiblly a good idea though.

Since the Tarvaris issue should be dead now for anyone that has reading comprehension beyond the 2nd grade, what's the new controversy?
I'm going with get Cook into the O-line and do a Braylock to Hicks.
I still would swap them in a heartbeat.

Sadly I would not be dissapointed at all to see Cook in there. I know the guy somewhat and he is just a flat out beast. I wont be starting any threads saying he needs to go in though lol. Maybe Herrera but if Cook is out I am sure it is because he isnt ready.