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    Quotes from camp - day 11 - Darrell Bevell

    Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell

    Bevell: Good morning. Thanks for coming out today. We are at that point in camp where guys are a little bit tired and the legs are getting tired, but we still have a lot of work to do. We've still got a lot of work in the classroom. The guys are very attentive and working hard in the classroom. We are at that halfway point where we are seven days in and we've got seven days until the game. We are still a work in progress.

    Q: On average, how many new plays do you install in practice every day?
    A: We have a program that we are trying to install. I can't tell you the exact number of plays because it changes every day, but we are putting it in by situation. Today was the second time we were in the red zone, so we had whole another set of red zone plays. The guys are working hard, they are studying hard, they're paying attention in the classroom, and that's what it takes. It's important for us as coaches, that's our job to make sure that we pound the information into them and get the retention. Out here on the practice field, that's a step, that's part of that step, is to get them to go out. It's one to see it in the book, two to be able to watch it on tape, and three for them to go through it on the field and run it. That's the process of them learning that.

    Q: Was there any concern that Chester (Taylor) missed a couple of days early on?
    A: He needed to rest that thing a little bit. He was still in all the meetings, paying attention. I didn't see any problems with him in practice today having missed that little bit of time.

    Q: What are your thoughts on (Mewelde) Moore?
    A: I think he's doing fine. Any time someone goes down or someone sits out of practice or so, it gives the other guys an opportunity to step up with the next group. Mewelde was able to step in there and showed us a little bit of what he can do, and that's what you look for. You look for that competition. That guy that's sitting out saying, ‘I better get back in there.' The other guy is doing a good job and giving that guy competition.

    Q: Are there any pleasant surprises to you among those backs?
    A: I don't want to select anybody out. I think they're all doing a good job. I am surprised with Ciatrick (Fason) a little bit. He's done a nice job. He's a tough kid. He's a fighter. The other day he showed a little bit more shake than I thought he had, but he's doing a nice job.

    Q: Before Chester (Taylor) got hurt, was he showing you he could be your feature back?
    A: Yeah, I think so. He was running the ball physically, which is an important part of that. He's done some nice job in protection and getting out of the routes.

    Q: What would a typical game be for him with carries and catches?
    A: You like to get him over 20 carries and have four or five balls through the air, something like that. If we're getting him 20 carries, that means we're doing a great job with the run game.

    Q: How do you feel about the running game right now, not just the backs but the offense in general?
    A: The West Coast offense, or any offense, is much helped by the running game. Our running game is coming along. We've been able to break a few runs against our defense, and have that explosive run where you get one that breaks out over 12 yards. We've seen that. I think the backs and the offensive line are jelling together. You can't overlook the wide receivers outside. To get an explosive gain, you have to have them working, and I see that. I see those guys working out there on blocks, and they're not just going to be pass catchers.

    Q: How good of pass catchers are the backs? Who stands out?
    A: I think they've all shown pretty good hands. I don't think I remember too many drops, and I'm talking in the pass game going to them. They all have, obviously, a little bit of different skill sets after they catch the ball, but all three of them have shown the ability to catch it and be able to tuck it and run with it.

    Q: Are any of the young receivers catching your eye?
    A: I still consider Troy Williamson a young receiver. I think he's doing a nice job. He's taking a step every day. We've seen Jason Carter do some nice things out there. They're all working hard. There's a lot of good competition there.

    Q: How do you see Billy McMullen fitting into things?
    A: He's right there in the mix. He's out there every day. He's working hard. It's kind of tough with how many wide receivers there are. There's only so many balls to go around. One day you may see Travis (Taylor) make five catches, and the next day you may see Koren (Robinson) make five catches, and Travis catch none. Or you see Billy catch two in one day and then none for a couple days. It just depends on how the reps fall. He's doing a good job. He's paying attention to the details. He knows the offense, which really helps him out. When the ball comes his way, he's making a play.

    Q: Does Billy have a leg up since he's coming from Philadelphia?
    A: I think the only leg up is mentally. Mentally, he's a little bit ahead of the other guys in terms of what he knows. If coach jumped to the next step with the offense, he would be able to make that jump a little bit quicker because he's probably had every play. Every one the coach could make up, he probably already knows it. When with these guys, it's still a building block with most of them. But that would be the only case. Mentally, that's not what's going to win you the job obviously. It's also going to be your physical tools.

    Q: Any thoughts on Pat Williams being on the field today?
    A: I've got enough on my hands worrying about this side of the ball, to be honest with you. I didn't even notice he was out there. When I first saw him was when we called it up at the end, Not that it means anything about him making plays. He could have been tearing it up out there. I was just worried about what was going on with my side of the ball.

    Q: When people think of the West Coast Offense, they think of the smaller, speedier type of receivers. How is a tall guy like Marcus Robinson adjusting to it?
    A: I think this offense needs those big wide receivers. Koren (Robinson) is a big guy. Travis (Taylor) is a big guy. Marcus (Robinson) is a big guy. We have big guys that still have those physical sets. They can run. They can get out of breaks. The bigger, physical receivers can really help the offense. Marcus has a place. He's doing a nice job. We all know we can just throw one up to him outside and catch it. In this camp, I think he's shown an ability to get in and out of cuts, to set defensive backs up to get himself open. I think that's been impressive.

    Q: How is Ryan Cook's transition to tackle going?
    A: I think it's going fine. Obviously it's up and down every day. But it's a work in progress. He's never been out there, but he's working the technique. He's listening to the coaches. You can see him, again, take those small steps every day. Every day it might be something new. Work on this step, work on that today. They're just trying to piece it together. He's going to be fine.

    Q: Are you trying to get (Mike) Rosenthal some work at left tackle?
    A: We're swinging guys around, trying to find out where everybody's going to fit in, what their skill sets are. Can a right tackle swing over to left? Can a left guard play right guard? Can a center play guard? All that kind of stuff. That's still a process that we're working through.

    Q: Did you see what happened to Ronyell (Whitaker)?
    A: I didn't even know he went down until every body starting walking back and there was still a guy on the ground. That's as far as I know. I didn't know anything else about it.

    Q: In the Tampa 2 defense, do the defensive ends have more freedom to rush the passer?
    A: I think in that defense they're trying to get pressure from the front four, from all four of those guys. They want to get great push inside and then free up those defensive ends. If you get push in the middle from the inside guys, the quarterback has no room to step up, which really helps the defensive ends. We have two pretty good defensive ends right now that are coming off the edge, and a couple of other guys are doing a nice job.

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    Re: Quotes from camp - day 11 - Darrell Bevell

    Q: Did you see what happened to Ronyell (Whitaker)?
    A: I didn't even know he went down until every body starting walking back and there was still a guy on the ground. That's as far as I know. I didn't know anything else about it.
    Did anybody hear if he got hurt this morning?
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Quotes from camp - day 11 - Darrell Bevell

    Good to hear.. Let the games begin..

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    Re: Quotes from camp - day 11 - Darrell Bevell

    we are seven days in and we've got seven days until the game
    Those seven days couldn't go by fast enough! I am ready for some football! (Humming the old MNF theme as I type, annoying the crap out of some of my coworkers...)
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: Quotes from camp - day 11 - Darrell Bevell

    Glad the Fason is showing some skillz. Someday he may be a 1000 yard back....hopefully with us if Taylor can't fit the bill

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    Re: Quotes from camp - day 11 - Darrell Bevell

    Vikings | K. Williams not at practice
    Mon, 7 Aug 2006 14:18:09 -0700

    The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports Minnesota Vikings DL Kevin Williams (knee) did not practice Monday, Aug. 7.

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    Re: Quotes from camp - day 11 - Darrell Bevell

    Monday afternoon + Q&A with Troy Williamson

    First I'll do the notes since it was a short workout today with no pads.

    -I completely forgot to mention this morning that CB Ronyell Whitaker had to leave practice early today with a leg problem. However, he was back out on the fiels in the afternoon with a wrap on the leg, which tells me that a) it wasn't that bad and b) he knows he needs to be out there to earn a spot.

    My bad on forgetting to mention this in the morning.

    -The other injury news was that CB Devonte Edwards missed this afternoon's session with a groin injury. No word on when he'll be back.

    -The Vikings officially put Tank Williams on the IR today, and in a related move signed free agent DB Ahmad Treaudo.

    Treaudo spent time with the Atlants Falcons last year as a member of their practice squad. He did make one regular season appearance in the team's seson finale. Treaudo played his college ball at Southern University.

    -As they have all camp, the TEs and FBs were featured heavily in the practice today. The team ran a number of different swing passes and lined up the TEs and FBs all over the field.

    -When it came time for kick return drills, it was Mewelde Moore and none other than WR Jason Carter. The two got all the reps and what it tells me is that Carter is going to get a nice long look in the pre-season. He's been impressive so far, and if he keeps it up in the games, he may actually make this team.

    -After working the red zone this morning the team spent quite a bit of time working goal line sets today. They showed several different play action passes and again focused on getting the TEs and FBs the ball.

    -The biggest thing I took away from the short session today was how the coaching staff keeps their guys in it. When guys are standing around, you can tell the focus is on what's going on out on the field. That kind of focus is going to win games for this team.

    Q&A with WR Troy Williamson

    A lot of people are wondering what to expect from the second year WR who the Vikings made the 7th overall pick in last year's draft. I caught up with Williamson after practice and asked him about last year and his progress moving forward.

    Q: When you came out here with the rookies and some of the other guys, did you feel like you had something to prove, not to the coaches so much, but to yourself?
    A: Right, I felt like with missing some of the time on the field, not missing too many practices, but missing time on the field, coming in early was for getting in the book and learning what I need to learn.

    Q: Did you feel like after being picked so high that the pressure from the media and fans was a little unfair?
    A: No, because that's some of the stuff you get when you're put in that position. It's something I learned just to deal with and go ahead and do what I need to do as a player.

    Q: Did you feel like the whole replacing Randy Moss thing took away from the good things you did and made people focus on the bad only?
    A: People are always gonna have they're own opinions, and they're gonna think what they want to think, and that's what they're gonna do. So I still have to do what I have to do no matter what people think. That's just me.

    Q: How are you taking to the new coaching staff? They seem to like you a lot.
    A: I like everybody on the coaching staff. Good offense, good coach in coach Childress. He knows what to do when it comes to calling the plays and putting people in good position to make plays. Only thing I can do is come out and work hard and show them that I am a worker and that I really wanna play and make plays.

    Q: Do you think the pace that they work at benefits a guy like you?
    A: Yeah, I think it's keeping me in the right kind of shape for when the games come, when you gotta go a 10 or 12 play drive and have that wind when it comes time.

    Q: Can you talk about how they're trying to use your speed in ways other than just sending you straight down the field?
    A: Some of the stuff they do, the different routes that I run, pretty much shows everything off a go route. You know when you have a curl or a comeback or a dig route, it's just running it all off the go route. Showing no change, just coming out of the breaks and I'll be fine.

    Q: How do you like the group of receivers you're working with out here?
    A: I love all these guys man, we all treat each other good and help each other out when it comes to certain stuff and that's how it should be everywhere, but you know it's not always like that. We have good guys like Marcus Robinson, Travis Taylor who have been playing for a while, and Koren Robinson is really teaching me a lot.

    Q: Do you get the feeling they're going to put you back there to return kicks?
    A: It all depends on what coach Childress wants to do. I really think coach Childress really wants to use me more in what they brought me in for and that's in the offense. But whatever coach wants me to do I'm down for it.

    Q: You ready to be the #1 guy this year?
    A: I'm ready to do whatever I gotta do to help this team win.

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    Re: Quotes from camp - day 11 - Darrell Bevell

    Vikings | R. Whitaker leaves practice early
    Mon, 7 Aug 2006 18:26:14 -0700

    Mark Craig, of the Star-Tribune, reports Minnesota Vikings CB Ronyell Whitaker (leg) limped off the field with a trainer during practice Monday, Aug. 7, with an apparent leg injury.

    Vikings | Rosenthal moves to left tackle
    Mon, 7 Aug 2006 18:28:47 -0700

    Judd Zulgad, of the Star-Tribune, reports Minnesota Vikings OT Mike Rosenthal moved to left tackle with the No. 2 offense.

    Vikings | Cook works at right tackle Monday
    Mon, 7 Aug 2006 18:30:40 -0700

    Judd Zulgad, of the Star-Tribune, reports Minnesota Vikings OT Ryan Cook spent much of his time Monday, Aug. 7, at right tackle with the No. 2 offense.

    Vikings | D. Edwards sits out practice Monday
    Mon, 7 Aug 2006 18:26:34 -0700

    Judd Zulgad, of the Star-Tribune, reports Minnesota Vikings CB Dovonte Edwards (groin) sat out practice Monday, Aug. 7, with a sore groin.

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