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Thread: a quikee.

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    Re: a quikee.

    Nothing a little Ridilin wouldn't cure, or is that Viagra?

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    Re: a quikee.

    "edlantis" wrote:
    Let's see here, so far...

    1. We discovered when the Bears were playing (and in 2 different time zones - thanks for the conversion for us midwesterners living in the East)
    2. Brought in a specialists on fish whoopee
    3. Read a movie review on a great movie starring John Malkovich
    4. Got the current time
    5. ...and got a game setup of Texas Hold'em

    meanwhile, everyone questioned the validity of even starting this thread. Dang, this is the most education I've had in 10 years!
    Ha haa! Post of the year right here! Go one man!

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    Re: a quikee.

    STOP TEASING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you wouldn't like me when i'm angry..................................
    "you dream of beating me, its time you wake up and apologize."

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