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    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    I have to say I miss my news. I need a good swift kick in the hind end to motivate myself to get online with and espn for my headlines. I am out of sorts when it comes to the happenings lately.....but is seems that I am not alone. Where has everyone gone??? Yes I know the weather is (hopefully) lovely and football is only in Europe, but where are the fans that I have come to know and love? Where is Vikingman..who has not returned since the change to the website? Where are my headstrong, beer drinkin', know-it-all friends that I love arguing with so much? Hell if it weren't for Anglo keeping us up to date we'd be hurtin' right now! That buddy deserves a prize! I feel like sendin' him my precious limited edition Viking bottles of wine just for loyalty and purple pride. Usually it is me babbling away....I'll let Anglo take the job anyday He gives us more to talk about!!!

    Come on guys, it's draft time! That means camp is around the corner and preseason is closer then a packer fan to a sheep when he thinks no one is lookin'!!!! Let's talk definate dates, resevations for camp and views on the upcoming season. Hell if all else fails, let's bash the crap out of those beer guzzlin' cheese weasels! Our team is better then your team ....I don't care how good your QB is..he can't pronounce his own name and he sucked on There's Something About Mary!
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