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    A question on ownership

    As you might have guessed, I'm pretty new here, and do not live in a Vikings area where you can pick up the local paper and read your fill of Vikings talk. I know this is ancient history, but can someone fill me in on why our current owners were allowed to buy the vikings, but Clancy was not?

    I liked the idea of Clancy from afar (I obviously did not get all the "goods" and "bads"), and it seemed like it turned into a complete cluster-F. Can anyone summarized the situation in a paragraph or so?

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    The bottom line was that at the time of trying to buy the Vikes Clancy was going through a costly divorce. When it was time to look at the finacials by the league then it was felt, by Clancy himself I think, that it was going to be too much of a squeeze to manage and so he pulled out from buying the team. The next person in line was Red McCombs who proceeded to wring every last cent out of the team before realising that he wouldn't get a stadium and thereby increase his profit as much as hoped. It was from there that the Wilfs appeared and bought the team.
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