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    Question for Lions Fans

    I have been talking to my friends about the "rivalaries" in the NFC North, and they say the major rivalaries are this: Chicago and Green Bay consider themselves both major rivalaries. Minnesota fans see Green Bay as their biggest rival, and Detroit sees Minnesota as their biggest rival. Who do you all think is each of the teams in the NFC North's BIG rival? And do Detroit fans really think the Vikings are their biggest rivals? I see the smallest rivalary between the vikes and lions in comparison to the vikes and the bears or packers.

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    Question for Lions Fans

    I've never really considered the Lions a rival, nor the Bears for that matter...just Packers mostly.
    Seems the Lions really have a rival in another division, but I don't know which

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    Question for Lions Fans

    i really have no love for any of the other three teams in the division but i think the bears are our biggest rival thanks to their fans. we kind of have a thanksgiving rivalry going with the packers too. i never really saw the vikings as a big rival, just a team that is easy to hate.

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