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    Question About the Vikings

    I was Wondering Can u somehow write to your Favorite player on the team like a fan Club or whatever if so does anyknow the vikings Address?

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    Question About the Vikings

    Write to:

    "Favorite Players Name"
    1001 Candy Cane Lane
    North Pole, World 90292930

    You should get a response in about a year...
    3 Straight Division Champs

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    Question About the Vikings

    Yeah! Tell them to pull their head out of the ass!

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    Question About the Vikings

    Yeah you can, some players actually have e-mail and web sites. But there is an address somewhere for all the teams. i wrote a letter to Chris Carter back in the day and like 4 months later got a 8X10 signed by him. The letter contained was generic and probably thousands of people got the same thing, but still kind of cool.

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