"DeathtoDenny" wrote:
The Society for Sports Uniform Research must be lying.
I'm not saying that the Society for Sports Uniform Research is wrong. I never said that so don't go putting words in my mouth.

What I'm trying to tell you is that the Pantone colors that you are looking at on your computer screen are going to differ in appearance & color than the actual factual material swatches & Pantone plaques that the jersey manufactures have in their possession. Those plaques will better depict the gloss & texture that you do not see on your computer screen. The images you see on the screen are computer generated replications of what the color should look like to give you an idea. As NP pointed out, your monitor will display it differently than what it actually is.

You can take six different computers, line them up side by side look at the identical Pantone plaques from the website & you will see color variations between the 6 monitors & those will differ from the real plaques & swatches the manufacturers hold in their hands. Just for the fact your looking at it on a monitor & not the real thing.