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Thread: A question

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    A question

    The good news is that the whole team has the entire offseason to figure out how to get already looks like they are starting to figure it out now in the playoffs. If they keep playing (and coaching) as well as they did last week (or even better), look out next season!!! They will be talking about the Viking Dynasty (yeah), instead of a Patsies dynasty (yuck).

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    A question

    I can remember watching the Vikings in METROPOLITAN STADIUM....Fran, Chuck, Fred Cox, who I belive was the Vikes last straight-on kicker, and the Purple People Eaters. Other than 3 of my 4 older siblings, I was born in South Dakota to parents that are(were) Vikes fans. Yes, I too remember the sting of the Les Steckel years (remember the 'Les Steckel, more Bud' signs in the dome?). How about watching Tommy Kramer hit the bottle more than his receivers? Or "the greatest trade ever" when we got Hershel Walker? Jerry Burns? Fuad Revaez, the only kicker to make the all-Madden team for the late hit he put on some unsuspecting kick returner? I am rambling because it is late, and I am tired, but I am, and always will be, a Minnesota Vikings fan.
    Kinkel, I am single. How do you feel about bald men and Airzona? lol! ops:

    Peace through superior firepower!

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    A question

    I like Tice. After Dennis Green's inept rape of the Defense, I find Tice a breath of fresh air. At least he's TRYING to rebuild the team

    I like Moss. Three years ago, I would've said, "Trade him", but he's shut up and played for the last two seasons. What's not to like?

    So, by your definition I am not a "True Fan"? Yes, I AM offended by that. I am offended at the narrow and self-righteous definition of "Fan" that you are attempting to shove at me. Do I doubt your passion? Not at all. Do I debate the veracity of your points? Absolutely.

    I have been a Viking fan for 38 years. About 30 of them, I have been a Viking fan by CHOICE. And I have been truly passionate about them for the last 15. I saw the "Glory Days", I saw the dark years, and I accomplished most of that living in Southern Wisconsin (Although I spent 8 of the first 10 years in St. Paul, hence the roots of my passion) or over seas with the Military for 6 years.

    I wear my colors win, lose, or draw. I suffer through the barrage of Packer Fan Phone calls after every Viking loss. I fend off the rants, insults, and tirades of the hordes of Packer fans I live and work with...because I love my team.

    I watch every televised game I can get (With Chicago and Madison stations, I only see games when the Bears or Packers are in opposite time slots). The games I can't watch, I follow on NFL.COM's sports tracker and KFAN via internet.

    I am redoing one of the rooms in my house to be my "Viking Room".

    I live in the heart of enemy territory, and I display my team pride EVERY SINGLE DAY. And when the Packer fans yell, "Vikings SUCK" at me (And someone almost always does), I always retort with "And the Packers SWALLOW".

    I was in a suite at Lambeau with 17 PACKER fans...just damn glad to BE THERE and represent my team (Even though the Refs tossed the game...bastards). I have stood firm in the parking lot of Lambeau field ready to defend my team against several obnoxious Packer fans (They're not ALL that way...these two were) while SURROUNDED by Packer fans after that same Viking loss. In the defence of my team, I have no fear. I didn't start it, but I damn sure would've finished it (Fortunately, they opted NOT to take on the 6', 235lb guy with the Viking jersey - aka ME. Side note, My Dad and Brother - both Packer fans - made themselves scarcec during that near-miss...I'll think I'll put myself up for adoption)

    Unlike you, when we lose I go out and display my colors. I am not ashamed of losing, I would be more ashamed if I hid from "The Enemy" and gave them any satisfaction in the loss. I stand firm - day in and day out - despite daily persecution.

    Yet, I am not - by your definition - a "True" fan.

    Thank you for the kick in the balls.


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