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    If the plan is to have a veteran start I'd like to see Cassel stick around instead of McCown, Vick, Schaub, or whoever else is likely available.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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    Quote Originally Posted by johnkdbr View Post
    You know for the first time in like forever I feel confident that if we don't get one of the top 3 QB's with our 8th pick Norv Turner will make sure if there is a diamond in the ruff in the later rounds he will find him. & who knows what kind of QB Matt Cassell could be under Turner. I believe we are entering into a whole new era for Vikings football! Our new coaching staff is like something we always wished for but never seemed to get....until now. Skol!
    Nice post. I feel that way as well. Two years ago the Vikings didn't have a QB or a receiver corps. This year they rarely had a good QB ; but when they did, they had a pretty darn good receiving corps.

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    I think we should stick with Matt Cassel. He has a lot of chemistry with Patterson and doesn't make as many mistakes as Ponder.

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    Amidst the questions he fielded about the Buccaneers' defense, Frazier was asked why things with Freeman -- who signed with the Vikings after Tampa Bay cut him last season -- didn't work out in Minnesota. Here's what Frazier had to say, via Buccaneers reporter Pat Yasinskas:

    "He worked as hard as he could every week to prepare and be ready to go," Frazier said. ďHe was a pro in every sense of the word. But we made a decision to try to figure out where Christian Ponder was and also take a look at Matt Cassel because we were trying to determine and get some answers regarding our quarterback position. Josh got caught up in the shuffle. It probably wasnít a fair situation for him. It made it difficult for him. It made it difficult for all of us when youíre trying to evaluate quarterbacks in an NFL season. Thatís not a wise thing. Nothing to do with Josh. He prepared and worked as hard as he could to get on the field. It just didnít work out."
    On Frazier's final(?) Freeman thoughts

    I think that Rick will keep Freeman, he was evaluating Cassel and Ponder for their job next year as back up. I am curious to see how this plays out.

    I don't agree with the conclusions of this write up but it does put together a good timeline and backs up the timeline with quotes. They just got the conclusion wrong.
    Should the Vikings Consider Resigning Josh Freeman? - Daily Norseman

    My conclusion: We brought Freeman's value down by letting him play that one horrible game and not playing again after that. We can sign him for cheap and make it an incentive based contract. Cassel didn't definitively win anyone over the last weeks as the clear guy to keep and the air apparent to the franchise QB. The tape of the past seasons is what we will evaluate Freeman on, not on an inept OC's inept scheme. This once again allows us to draft BPA in the first round and a project QB in the second or third. Put Freeman in a Norv Turner offense.

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    Initial mocks have us taking Bortles at 8. I don't think we will stretch to Manziel and for one I am happy that we don't. I watched him play a few times and in an NFL setting I think he will struggle. If we take BPA who or what would that be? We need to bolster the secondary for sure but there are also inconsistencies on the O and D lines.

    This will be a very interesting draft for us and I am excited to see where we go, either way I'm fully on board the purple express
    Purple till i die

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger View Post
    Wait, don't they have TJ Ward? Unless he's gone, or has suddenly declined, I've never seen him play anything other than nasty ball from the safety position.
    He might be the 16th or 17th best safety in the league... but nothing to write home about.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    which QB u want to see in 2014

    Tha vikings should sign Taylor Mays he's out there and pretty sure Zimmer could bring him here him and Smith back there would be nice to see

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    Ok.. I'm sticking to what I said in another thread. Keep Cassel (one year chance), but to do this the coach has to be able to develop an offense around the QB and not viceversa, otherwise you WILL find the worst in the QB and of course keep the run with Peterson, that's a no-brainer.

    To get the best our of the QB: build pass protection (and good block for run play of course) and add a few improvements to the defense.

    After saying all of this.. abandon the predictable offensive plays, Please!!! I know this is totally impossible but let's be more creative and give Peterson more options then st8 up the middle.

    I have no specifics here but in general this is my 2 cents.


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    i'm growing on the idea of.

    round 1 - BPA
    somewhere later - Jimmy Garoppolo

    put him to learn behiend either freeman/cassel - JG in the background learning.
    maybe another 2 scoop up late for training camp fodder or PS placeholders.
    work out if Freeman might be able to lead a team and in the year and find the diamond (i think JG might be this years) .

    unless someone guy they covet more then the purple coolaid drops into their lap? i tehink BPA is the way to go @ #8 pick.


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    At this time, I like Bridgewater or Manziel for the winning attitude we can expect to get, along with the raw talent. But ...BUT this might (probably will!!) change in the next 2 months due to the Senior bowl, Combine and pro days. Some of the 1st round picks of last year were NOT expected to go in the first round this time last year...things WILL change!

    That being said, if Bortles, Bridgewater or Manziel is there at #8, we need to pick them up. For once, can we just go with the crowd and roll the dice with the best chance of success? I'm STILL trying to figure out the bet we made with Ponder, and I do not relish having to go through that again.

    I feel as happy with the coaching changes that have been made as I did right after last year's draft... though last year was EXTREMELY painful, I truly believe someone in our organization has a plan, and when they get the chance, they make the most of it. If Spielman was behind last year's draft AND these new coaches, we are lucky to have him. I. for the first time since the Moss draft, feel like giving the Vikings my faith in the future.

    Is this what it feels like to be a Niner, Patriot, Packers or Steelers fan? It's a wonderful feeling!!!
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