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    Re: QB Situation May Be Changing -- AGAIN! Detmer Out?

    "spunk_goblin" wrote:
    I gotta say that I agree with that statement. Purely from what has been shown Brooks has been the better of the three QBs

    Yes...another voice of reason...I say the Job should be Brooks Bollingers to lose at this point. If he falters badly and has a performance laps he can be replaced with T.Jack or Holcomb (God Forbid).

    I thought most fans liked Cinderella stories. Here we have a number 3 roster QB in BB who's playing (By Actions On The Field) better than the number 2 and as good as T.Jack if not better in some situations. It's a little early to call the BB situation a Cinderella Story yet....but he's making strides in that direction.

    He may not get the opportunity to complete the effort but I for one appreciate it just the same, and will acknowledge that he's done a good job coming in cold off the bench.


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    Re: QB Situation May Be Changing -- AGAIN! Detmer Out?

    That leaves poor Koy, who if released, would be the definition of an emergency quarterback
    How can you be an emergency QB if you are released from the team?

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