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Thread: QB

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    Re: QB

    "C" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    Anderson is worth a second round pick at best.
    I talked with a half dozen Browns fans today at work and they could give 2 craps less about DA; they want Quinn in there now.
    Not the Browns fans I know. They're loving the Anderson show.
    I work with and live amongst them.

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    Re: QB

    "Cleveland" wrote:
    "Frostbite" wrote:
    This is a good post cleveland but you are not comparing Apples to Oranges in one regard. That is where I think some bias may come into the picture, and that is he's not a starter. Romo is a starter and so he's the lime light so to speak. Anderson will continue to be looked at as a backup (Right or Wrong) because he isn't a starter.

    I think you are correct that there are bias issues with regard to not being top round picks too....but in a lesser degree because we have all seen players drafter in later rounds go on to be top performers. I see less prejudice thinking in that area overall.

    My question is this. Do you bring Anderson to Minnesota giving up a first round pick and whatever to start him here?? Or do you wait and see if another TOP already established Starter QB comes available and make that move instead even knowing that will cost you a lot more??

    Hmm...Something to consider I think....on both sides of the debate.

    I'm confused.
    Anderson is starting.
    Or you just saying he hasn't started as many games as Romo so you
    don't consider him a starter?

    I really don't have a bias, I just like Anderson a lot, just like I like Romo.
    Those two have "it".
    I hate to keep repeating this, but they know how to get the ball in the end zone.

    You may not believe me about the Cleveland bias, but I certainly do not have a Minnesota bias, so my opinions about the Vikings are as objective as they can be.
    Your team is a QB away from serious contention, so your choices are thus:
    getting an older veteran such as McNabb, who may give you a McNair like bounce for a season, but chances are you will be right back to where you were after that.
    Plus, he would likely cost you a second rounder to get if they were willing to deal him.
    Or you could get a Garcia type and hope you get lucky, which may or may not be the way to go.
    Or you could draft a qb high, but you would have to wait for him.
    Or you could draft a qb later and pick up a veteran to start until the rookie is ready (this, by the way, rarely works.
    For some reason, qb's picked in the second through fourth rounds rarely pans out, other than an occasional Favre.
    Look who you got out there now?).
    Or you could bite the bullet and get a young guy who could not only help you next season but for a decade to come via trade.
    I think the only viable options out there of this I can think of are Anderson or Quinn, depending on what the Browns do.
    I came on to this site only to recommend that the Vikings jump all over Anderson IF the Browns were stupid enough to let him walk or trade him.
    Only time will tell if I am right about Anderson, but with the Indians massive choke job I needed to submerse myself in something to forget the pain.

    About the
    Browns fans who don't give a crap about Anderson?
    Just proves my point -- Browns fans are idiots.
    Anderson could have the best season ever for a Browns' qb with 4000 yards passing
    and 40 td's.
    Still, they'll let him walk and give the job to a rookie.
    It dont matter what round your quarterback is choosen in.
    What it comes down to is coaching and how well that player can adapt to the next level and the pace of the game.

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