We lost the battle but we did not lose the war! We have a lot of games ahead and we will WIN most of them this I do believe. The next winning streak begins this Sunday against my most personally hated team in the NFL. I feel the VIKINGS will be more than ready to Crush them and send them and their annoying fans back across the border still crying about how the officiating sucked, the noise in the dome and how the late great fav-ray let them down. I would like to “quote”…… <b>Gen. George S. Patton Jr.:</b> Now, there's another thing I want you to remember. I don't want to get any messages saying that we are holding our position. We're not holding anything. Let the hun do that. We are advancing constantly and we're not interested in holding onto anything, except the enemy! We're going to hold on to him by the nose, and we're gonna kick 'em in the ass.