"Turboe" wrote:
"purple" wrote:
My fellow Viking fans I truly don't know where to turn other then here in the forums.
I recently put in enough over time hours to FINALLY buy myself a Official Vikes Helmet!!!! I know. . . thanks everyone.
Here's where you all come in.
I want a different face mask other then the one that's on it now.
It came with the Q. B.
cage and I'm looking to get the RIDDELL RJOP-DW cage like the one our Stud Linebacker E. J.
Henderson wears.
I've looked on the net and I just can't seem to find a Vikes Dark Purple cage.
All I find are the plain Jane ones that are for High School teams and what not.
No Vikes!!!

Please. . . Help out a fellow Packer Hater who's looking to bring out the best in his new Viking Official Team Helmet by giving him sites or even e-mail addresses that will give me a Real Viking cage.

Thanks everyone!!! Playoffs this Year and we beat the Pac both times!!!!!!!!!
So where and how is the new helmet going to be displayed?
I need to get good ideas for what I am in the process of doing in the "Vikings Room" downstairs.

Come on everyone jump in, I love what Singer has going on.
I was thinking about somehow mounting one on my wall.
Just dont know how I might go about that.
use one of these http://www.discountdisplaycases.com/main.php?mod=510&sp=3&key=ProHelmetDisplay

or make some kid of shelf to mount on the wall, don't drill any holes in your helmet.