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    Purple Pride low-balled by Bleacher Report?

    They ignore our own newshound, singersp! Lol

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    There are plenty of places to get news. Tons of them. There are not many where you can get the kind of interaction and comradeship that you will find here. That's what brought me here, and that's what keeps me here.

    There is also a big difference between "pretty" and "good." Give me good any day. The site looks just fine to me; I don't need lots of bells and whistles and slick graphics to keep me interested. Webby and his crew work really hard to keep us happy, and in the end, that's what really matters. It's a labor of love, and it shows everywhere.

    But, wait a second... why are we suddenly giving this article so much more credence than we usually allow the BR anyway?

    My Meeple is purple. What color is yours?

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    In a couple years Bleacher Report will be thrilled that they were mentioned on purplepride.

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