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    Purple in the Playoffs

    Found this sweet video on, don't think its been posted..

    Purple in the playoffs

    Re-live all the sights and sounds of the Vikings journey to the 2008 playoffs.

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: Purple in the Playoffs

    Nice clip of that final play.
    Found this in an [size=12pt]article by Silver[/size]:

    ...As he mentally prepared for the 50-yard field goal that, to the best of his knowledge, would decide whether the Vikings made it to the postseason, veteran kicker Ryan Longwell expected the obligatory delay. Trailing the New York Giants by two points with nine seconds to go at the Metrodome, Minnesota coach Brad Childress called timeout, and Giants coach Tom Coughlin followed with a timeout of his own. Childress then stunned his players by sending the offense back onto the field, but the attempt to pick up some extra yards for Longwell was foiled when quarterback Tarvaris Jackson misconnected with Bobby Wade on a sideline pass. At that point, Coughlin called yet another timeout, making Longwell feel like the loneliest man in the world. “I got a few more gray hairs for sure,” Longwell said later from his home near the Twin Cities. “It was especially tough being iced twice by the other team – and once by my own team. I’m not sure how that all played out, but hey, no complaints.” That’s because Longwell nailed the kick on the final play to give Minnesota a 20-19 victory and the NFC North title. Though it turned out that the Bears were in the process of losing to the Texans, 31-24, which would have allowed Minnesota to back into the playoffs as division champs, as far as Longwell knew his foot controlled the Vikings’ fate. Even for a 12th-year veteran with a history of clutch kicks for the Packers and Vikes, that was a heavy concept. “I guess some of the guys on our sidelines found out [that the Bears were losing], but no one told me,” Longwell said. “I understood the ramifications of that kick. Guys who tell you they don’t think about what happens if they miss, they’re lying to you. I knew the downside. The punter [Chris Kluwe] and I always joke that we’re kicking for our jobs every single week – not just in a game like this, but even in the preseason. Only it’s not really a joke.”...
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