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    Purple People Eaters?

    Do we have a potential revival of the Purple People Eaters? Can Hovan, Williams,Udeze be similar to Page, Eller, Marshal?

    I mean who do you double team? :scratch:


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    Purple People Eaters?

    No kidding, I say we have one of the best young D-lines in the league. Right up there with carolina, only younger.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Purple People Eaters?

    Im really excited too. If Udeze can live up to expectations, Kevin Williams continues to improve, and Hovan returns to the form of previous years, this line could be really formidable. Also, it will be interesting to see how Darrion Scott turns out to be. Mixon aint bad either.

    On the other hand, Udeze hasnt played a single NFL down, Williams has only one year to judge him from, and Hovan didnt have a great year last year so perhaps one should temper the enthusiasim.

    But i must admit its hard not to be optimistic about this Vikes D this year as we seem to have some great talent.

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    Purple People Eaters?

    I'm excited... I really think that we'll have a defense to watch this year! Last year all the picks was exciting... but they've been mediocre at best since as long as I can remember... I can't wait to watch a D to be proud of!!

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